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These tests were performed in March 2015

Test 5: Windows 10 Benchmark Tests

As a last test setup, Windows 10 Technical Preview edition was also used in Macecraft’s benchmark testing. Similar to the tests done with the other Windows versions, as detailed in the Overview of the Benchmark Test Procedures, 15 popular software programs were installed to a newly installed version of the Windows 10 operating system and the effects were measured.

Note: Since Windows 10 has not been officially released yet, it’s unclear how well any of the installed software are able to support the new operating system and therefore these test results may not be as accurate as with the tests which were completed using the Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 operating systems. The Windows 10 used in this test was Technical Preview edition, it is not a production use version of the operating system, also some of the software used in the testing may not have been fully compatible with Windows 10 at the time of the testing.The results of the Windows 10 startup time tests are illustrated in the following graph: Newly installed Windows 10 started up in 17 seconds, which is a number identical to the tests of Windows 7 and 8.1 operating systems. However, installing the 15 popular software had a much higher impact on Windows 10 compared to Windows 8.1 as the startup time skyrocketed to 60 seconds.The PCMark 7 scores are listed in the following: Not surprisingly, the Technical Preview edition of Windows 10 didn’t offer a very optimized overall system speed and with just the Windows 10 system installed, the PCMark 7 score was only 2351. However, after the 15 popular software had been installed, the rock bottom PCMark 7 score was recorded at 1791 points. Remember…higher is better.

After this, eight products claimed to make the Windows operating system start or operate faster were tested. These were the same eight products that showed the highest results with the previous tests.

Test Results

The Windows 10 operating system with the 15 popular software installed was cleaned with each product.

The system was then rebooted once, shut down and then started up again while the startup time was measured with a stopwatch. After the system was cleaned with each product, a system snapshot was restored to ensure each product was tested with an identical environment. No software was uninstalled from the system and the system was only cleaned with each product’s default settings.The results were as follows: As can be seen from the image above, the results of the test are in line with the previous test results: cleaning the system with these products seems to provide at least some improvement to the system startup time.

Finally, the PCMark 7 benchmark was also run and the results are shown in the image below: Similar to the results with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, the results with the Windows 10 Technical Preview edition also indicate that cleaning the system with the tested product seemed to have some effect to the benchmark scores. Again, jv16 PowerTools X offers the highest improvement with a benchmark score of 2035 points and Baidu PC Faster was next in line with a result of 1898 points.

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