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jv16 PowerTools is a Windows utility program with 18 powerful, yet easy-to-use tools to make your life with Windows easier.

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Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

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For specific needs, here are our new standalone tools: WinFindr and Uninstalr - For everything else, there’s jv16 PowerTools.

Recommended by users and experts for over 20 years!

System Fixer

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Improves your Windows PC’s stability.

Can detect and automatically fix many types of common Windows errors.

Doesn’t just remove the erroneous data but actually fixes errors.

System Cleaner

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Cleans unneeded files with the focus on safety.

Finds and removes left-over traces of old software.

Removes tracking cookies from your browsers for improved privacy.

Software Uninstaller

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Uninstall many apps at the same time with a support for unattended uninstallation.

Custom uninstallation engine removes all the traces of apps.

Shows which apps you are no longer using to help you decide what to remove.

New feature!

System Examiner

System Examiner generates a system information report from Windows computers. It lists details of your computer’s installed hardware and software, the operating system’s originality, as well as attempts to detect common system errors and potential problems.

Learn More About System Examiner

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New feature!


The new Screenshot tool allows you to easily take beautiful screenshots in Windows and share them with a single click to our cloud service.

Learn More About Screenshots

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New feature!

Windows Update Fixer

Update Fixer is a tool specifically designed to detect and fix the common problems that can cause Windows Update not to work. When the official Windows Update Troubleshooter fails, jv16 PowerTools Update Fixer can help!

Learn More About Windows Update Fixer

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What our customers say? 😊

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Great software, great service

Work in IT and have used their software for years without problems. Had a slight problem late on Sunday afternoon, submitted a ticket and within half an hour Stefan responded with solution - on a Sunday!

Many of the huge software companies could take lessons from Macecraft on customer service



Trustpilot 5 star rating
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The new JV16, with the system fixer is amazing!

This new version with the system fixer is amazing! Apparently, I was missing a C++ version, and JV16 found that it was missing, and clicking their link took me to the web page where I could download and then install the correct version.

I've used and owned their JV16 software for well over 10 years. In the past, they have been the only registry cleaner that I've had success with year after year, and I have tried others to compare and wound up with problems.



Trustpilot 5 star rating
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Always an amazingly fast response to inquiries and with a positive attitude rarely shown in other services and providers.

Well done - and keep up the development!



Trustpilot 5 star rating
Promise of no spyware and no malware

We promise our software does not contain any spyware or malware and our product is backed by an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

These are not only nice words next to a pretty picture on a website. This promise is also backed by the legally binding terms within our privacy policy, terms of use and the license agreement of our software.

We have been serving our customers and users for over 20 years, always trying our very best and never scamming anyone.

Our Pricing Plans

All pricing plans come with 30 day money back guarantee.
If you are not perfectly happy with our product, get your money back, no questions asked!


Annual License

$19 / year

1 Year of Premium Support

1 Year of Free Updates & New Features

Licensed for 5 Computers

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Lifetime License


For Life Premium Support

Free Updates & New Features for life

Licensed for 5 Computers

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Try jv16 PowerTools and see for yourself!

Seeing is believing. That’s why we strongly recommend you to try jv16 PowerTools to see it for yourself. We want to show exactly what the program can do for you to make your Windows PC run smoother.

Download jv16 PowerTools now. It comes with no bundled software and no adware. It’s free to try for 14 days and the trial version does not have any feature limitations or any other such restrictions. If it says it found an error from your system, you can fix it without being forced to pay.

That’s right, jv16 PowerTools is not free.

But it only costs $19 USD per year with a subscription that gives you all the updates and latest versions without any additional fees. And we also have a lifetime license for just $49 USD as a one time payment that gives you a perpetual license to use it forever, also including all new future product updates and upgrades for free.

Unlike so many things these days, jv16 PowerTools is not free. When something is free, you are the product. Free things usually get paid by advertising and spying on you. We don’t do that. Instead, we want to offer you privacy and a high quality program for a very reasonable price.

You can also try the program for free for 14 days and if you buy it, we offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.