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Introducing the brand new:

jv16 PowerTools Version 8

The best version of the classic Windows utility suite is now ready for you to try.

jv16 PowerTools Dashboard screenshot
jv16 PowerTools Dashboard shows system information and allows easy access to all the tools. Click to view the full size screenshot.

jv16 PowerTools Version 8 Released

The full version number:, Release date: 30.3.2023, Download size: 22.9 Mb.

Update instructions: If you are using any recent jv16 PowerTools (7.4 or later) – simply download and install the new version over the old version. No uninstallation is required. If you are using an older version, please uninstall it before installing the new version. If you own a license, you might need to use the My Account tool within the program to apply your license.

What's new?

The new version includes three new tools:


System Examiner

Benefit In-depth system information report about your computer’s hardware and software setup

System Examiner generates a system information report from Windows computers. It lists details of your computer’s installed hardware and software, as well as attempts to detect common system errors and potential problems.

This tool also enables you to easily share your system information report. With a single click, System Examiner will generate a unique link that you can simply share!

Learn More About System Examiner

jv16 PowerTools System Examiner screenshot
jv16 PowerTools Screenshot utility screenshot



Benefit Get beautiful screenshots which you can easily share

Screenshot makes it easy for everyone to create beautiful and professional-looking screenshots in Windows.

Whether you’re a professional graphic designer, a social media manager, or simply someone who loves to share their work online, Screenshot has everything you need to create stunning and visually appealing screenshots with ease.

Learn More About Screenshots


Update Fixer

Benefit Correctly working Windows Update keeps your Windows safe and up-to-date

Update Fixer is a laser focused tool designed to diagnose and fix common problems that can cause Windows Update to fail.

Simply run the tool in the computer that is experiencing issues with Windows Update, and Update Fixer will analyze the system to detect any issues.

Learn More About Update Fixer

jv16 PowerTools Windows Update Fixer screenshot

Change Log

jv16 PowerTools Change Log since

  1. New tool: System Examiner.
  2. New tool: Screenshot.
  3. New tool: Update Fixer.
  4. Major improvements to System Fixer.
  5. Major improvements to Software Uninstaller.
  6. Major user interface improvements.
  7. System Fixer's and System Cleaner's category view now also shows the total number of items.
  8. Improved the way the program UI scales to different screen resolutions.
  1. The number of found items could be incorrect. This was purely a cosmetic issue, caused by some parts of the UI counting all found items incorrectly.
  2. Selecting and unselecting items from the result list in System Fixer and System Cleaner could cause the category selector (left list) and the main result list (right list) to get confused what items should be selected and what unselected.
  3. The progress screen could have modules that say "starting" until the end of the scan. This was a cosmetic problem, the modules were ran, but their status was not correctly shown in the user interface.
  4. Software Uninstaller doesn't automatically sort the list of found software in a smart way.
  5. The main action button of Task Manager could contain the wrong text caption. It should update based on which tab of the tool is open, but it always didn't.
  6. In systems with multiple screens, the screen selection setting was not properly saved in the Settings > General Settings.
Known issues:
  1. The Russian translation does not work. Trying to use it may cause error message "Slava Ukraini" to be displayed.
  2. Some parts of the user interface might not display correctly in all window sizes and screen resolutions.
  3. Some translations are still missing from this release (e.g. Chinese) and many need updates. These will be included to the next version.

The official discussion thread in our forum: jv16 PowerTools version 8 released

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