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I have been a user of Power Tools since AOL’s Homework for Kids. Approximately 1996 and every time I try a think of something to add, you guys are already on it. GREAT program


I am a lifetime supporter and I have to say that this one upgrade is, by far the best version of jv16 Power Tools released to date! Keep up the good work…love it!!!!


We even dumped CCleaner – not renewing our 2 year subscription — in favor of jv6 PowerTools


When this latest version was in the pipeline, there was always a bulletin on all the current progress, informative and accurate, letting customers know that things were moving along, and the product would be available after thorough testing. That same customer care has now been carried across to people’s installed versions, and I find that very reassuring in the long term. With this work ethic, and a super product, you guys have backed a winner…


I have been your customer since RegCleaner 16 (I believe that is what it was called back then.) I have trusted you with your programs since then and I still do. I have bought probably about five licenses from your company. Enough that I have used the same or different email addresses for the accounts. I donated money (only $10) when you asked for donations a while back. I hope you do not have to close your company. You are a brilliant person and deserve success in your endeavors. I was writing to encourage you and to let you know that your customers appreciate your work as much as I do. God help us if your software wasn’t here to correct all the chaos that Microsoft inflicts on us daily


These days it is rare (I believe) to not only have a prompt response to a support query, but one that offers assistance.


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