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These tests were performed in March 2015

Summary and Discussion

After all the tests performed and the number crunching was done, two main results emerged.

The first result to acknowledge is that it seems very conclusive that installing just a few software products to a Windows PC has a significant effect on its performance, regardless of which version the operating system is which the PC is running on.This is evident from the following picture of system startup times: Between all of the tested Windows operating systems, simply installing 15 popular software increased the system’s startup time by an average of 46 seconds which seemed to be pretty dramatic.

The effects on overall system performance as measured by PCMark 7 benchmark software were less dramatic but still clear, as can be seen from the following graphic: Installing 15 popular software decreased the system’s overall performance on average by 418 benchmark points, which means an average drop of almost 17%.

The second outcome of the testing was that many products which claimed to be able to make a computer run faster seemed to have an effect. Out of the all of the 133 tested products, we could only test the effect of 34 products fully because most products did not allow any changes to be made to the system without buying the paid version of the product. Out of the 34 products that could be tested, the top eight products were selected for more extensive testing.

Test Results

The summary of all of the test results with the eight system cleaning products can be seen from the following graphic: The above picture has been created using all of the information and data collected from all of the test environments (Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Technical Preview) of all of the eight products which seemed to provide the greatest impact on system performance.

It can be seen that most products seem to have a positive effect on the system’s startup time with the products improving the startup time by an average of 28%. However, the effects on the overall system performance as measured by running PCMark 7 benchmark software, were mainly negative with six products out of eight producing an average decrease of the benchmark score.

The data indicates that only two products seemed to have an overall positive effect on both the system startup time and benchmark scores: jv16 PowerTools X and Baidu PC Faster.

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