About Us

We are Macecraft Software, makers of jv16 PowerTools. A leading provider of Registry Cleaning and Windows Optimization software products with millions of downloads and customers in over a hundred countries.

We’re not owned by any large corporations and our software is always 100% free of annoying bloatware or ads. 

Our goal is simple: Make Windows Better!

Our Story

jv16 is an unusual name for a PC utility tool. 

This literally was formed from the initials and age of our founder Jouni Flemming, at the time he first began to create this software.

Sat in his bedroom in 1998, Jouni was growing increasingly frustrated with why his Windows computer kept slowing down and began digging deeper to find out the causes. 

After some trial and error he figured out that this was mostly due to registry errors and poor uninstall performance. As he was learning to code at the time, he decided he would create an application to keep his PC running at its best. 

Out of this he created the freeware program RegCleaner. One of the very first registry cleaners on the market. Gaining fans almost immediately, with over a million downloads in just the first few months of release!

From 2001, development started for a more complete Windows utility suite with all the functions of the original RegCleaner included. Macecraft Software (Macecraft Inc.) was officially established in 2003 when jv16 PowerTools was initially converted to shareware, before graduating to a fully licensed application with free trial. 

More recently, as of 2019 we took the decision to throw away all those years of code to bring jv16 PowerTools up to date with all the latest practises, features and improved performance.  

We firmly believe we make the best PC utility you can buy and continue to strive to do so!

Jouni, founder of macecraft software and lead developer of jv16 PowerTools
Founder Jouni Flemming

jv16 PowerTools Stats


46 MILLION  downloads


250,000 licensed users


19 SEPARATE languages

The Macecraft Team

Collaboration Across The Globe

We are a small, fully remote team, working across multiple time zones from all around the world. 

Respect, collaboration, and inclusivity are some of our core values.

Each and everyday we each wake up in our respective locations such as Romania, Finland, Thailand, India and Spain, ready to design, develop, test and support our customers worldwide. 

We work hard to build a product we can be proud of.

If you’ve found our utility useful, please help support our development and buy a license. 

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Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and Vista.