jv16 PowerTools, made by Macecraft Software

Founded 2001

Macecraft Software is a leading provider of Registry Cleaning and Windows Optimization software products with millions of downloads, and with customers in over a hundred countries. Our goal is to make the best Windows registry cleaner and utility software there is.

Our History

In 1998, Mr. Jouni Flemming, the CEO of the company, created the RegCleaner program. One of the very first registry cleaners out there.

In 2001 the development started for a more complete Windows utility suite with all the functions of the original RegCleaner included.

Macecraft Software (Macecraft Inc.) was officially established in 2003 when jv16 PowerTools was converted to shareware.

Today, Macecraft Software is a provider of Registry Cleaning and Windows Optimization software with customers in many countries.

And here we are, now officially releasing a New Major Version of jv16 PowerTools, redesigned from scratch, much simpler, faster and more user friendly than all its predecessors!

jv16 PowerTools In Numbers

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A diverse team from across the globe

We are an exuberant, extravagant, extraordinary, exciting, yet modest remote team, working in multiple time zones around the world.

Each and everyday we each wake up our respective locations such as Romania, Finland, Thailand, India and Spain, ready to design, develop, test and support our customers worldwide. 

Simple and effective windows optimization with just a few clicks

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