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A fully comprehensive, powerful, and easy-to-use Windows Utility Suite to make Your PC run smoother. With all the necessary tools you need!

Read on to learn more about each of our tools. 

System Cleaner

Our 20+ years of experience in Windows system cleaning has enabled us to fine-tune our cleaning energy and be able to identify exactly what is safe to delete!

With just one click, jv16 PowerTools will intelligently analyse your whole system for:

  • Registry and file system errors.
  • Unneeded data.
  • Orphaned cache files.
  • Browser history.
  • Cookie and cache data.

System errors are intelligently resolved, using our unique experience to fix the underlying causes of these errors.

All the results are collected in one user-friendly interface, where you can make an informed decision on what to keep and what to delete.

System Cleaner scan

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Software Uninstaller

The Windows Control Panel doesn’t always give you the whole picture. In fact, installing and uninstalling software is the easiest way to slow down your computer’s performance.
Using the Control Panel to uninstall software relies entirely on the program fully cleaning up after itself, which unfortunately is often not done correctly.
Our Software Uninstaller scans your entire computer and identifies installed software as well as left-over traces of old software.
Run multiple uninstall or remove particular pieces of files – and rest assured, our Uninstaller leaves no traces behind!

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  • Simple and effective PC maintenance.
  • Developed and perfected over 20+ years
  • Trusted by Windows Professionals Worldwide.


If it’s there, Finder will find it!
Using any phrase or combination of phrases, you will see:

  • All matching files
  • Folders
  • Registry data 

Find lost documents from your system with ease, and see all files belonging to an installed app or game on your computer.

File Finder additionally enables you to delete locked and write protected files!

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Duplicate File Finder

You may currently be losing a lot of disk space due to duplicate photo, music, or video files stored on your PC.

Our Duplicate File Finder makes it quick and easy to search through your disks, looking for identical file names, content, or both.

You can then choose exactly what to keep and what to delete – and spare yourself from having to buy a bigger disk drive in the meantime!

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Internet Optimizer

It might be the case that you are experiencing slow browsing or lagging games due to poorly configured DNS settings. You’ll be surprised at the instant improvement you could see with very little effort – start with just one click.

Our Internet Optimizer tool benchmarks against your current internet connection, displaying the average DNS query speed improvement you could experience. Just choose your preferred DNS and apply, simple!

You could see an improvement in speed of up to 20% depending on your connection type, location, and overall hardware and software on your Windows PC.

This is especially useful for laptop users who often need to connect to different networks at home, in the office, and when out and about.

Task Closer

Get what you need to done without any disturbances – whether you have a project with a tight deadline due or need that last bit of horsepower to make the most of a new game.

Our Task Closer makes it easy to choose what to keep running and close everything else, meaning no more pop-ups, notifications, and background tasks detracting from your focus and your PC’s performance.

Software Updater

Our newest tool to the family of jv16 PowerTools! This helps you keep your PC up to date, so that you have the latest features and security updates for your favorite applications.

With Software Updater, we cross check all installed apps on your computer against our database.

Then with just one click, you can visit the vendor websites to get all the necessary installers.

Pre-installed in a range of languages

The language of our tools will automatically match your computer’s set language. You can also change it in the menu.

If your system language is not yet available, it will default to English. Get in touch if you would like to help us adding more translations for your language!

Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish.

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