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System Cleaner

One click and jv16 PowerTools intelligently analyses your entire system for registry and file system errors, unneeded data, orphaned cache files, browser history, cookie and cache data.

System Cleaner does not just delete everything. To simply list errors or unneeded data would also be very unwise.

We have used our 20+ years of experience in Windows system cleaning to fine-tune the cleaning engine to find the things which are safe to delete.

System Cleaner also finds system errors which it knows how to fix. Scanning the System Events Log to see if it can fix the underlying causes. 

Everything found is collected into an easily read user interface. You can then either clean all the recommended files, or edit what gets removed. With detailed information why each item is listed.

Intelligent Online Privacy Protection

Cleans browser history and cookies, and allows you to choose domain by domain what data to clean.
So the sites you regularly visit and want to keep, don’t get thrown out with the dishwater!
Our browser data cleaner supports the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Fixes Common Errors

System Cleaner also detects Windows Events Log related errors and automatically fixes them. Such as Windows Update not working and service failed to start errors which are common in many Windows systems.

Additionally, if you have moved files or software in to another location, System Cleaner will find these broken file references from the Windows registry and update them with the new locations.
System Cleaner jv16 PowerTools

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Software Uninstaller

Often the Windows Control Panel doesn’t tell you the whole truth.

Installing and uninstalling a lot of software is the easiest way to get your computer slow and bloated. If you use Windows Control Panel to uninstall software, it relies entirely on the program you are removing to fully clean up after itself.

Most applications perform poorly at this and almost always leave something behind.

Software Uninstaller scans your entire computer, both the hard drives and the Windows registry for installed software and left-over traces of old software.

After the scan completes, you can choose to batch uninstall, or even just remove a particular piece of software.

Just make your choice and be assured, our custom uninstallation engine leaves no traces of unwanted apps behind.

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Internet Optimizer

Often your browsing speeds can be slow or your gaming can be suffering from lag, simply from a poorly configured DNS setting.

See improvements in just a few minutes with little effort required. Setting the process off with a single click.

The tool benchmarks against your current Internet connection, then displays the average DNS query speed improvement that can be obtained. Simply select your preferred DNS and apply.

You can expect a speed improvement of up to 20% based on your internet connection type and geographical positioning as well as overall hardware and software running you Windows PC.

This is especially useful for Laptop users when connecting to different networks, either at home, the office or cafe.


Search for files and registry data with advanced settings. Allows you to delete locked or write protected files in Windows.

Duplicate File Finder

Often you can end up loosing a lot of disk space through duplicate photo, music or video files on your computer. 

Easily and quickly search through your disks either by filename, identical content (this would be a file that contains the exact same information but is named differently) or both. 

You can then choose what to keep or delete and save yourself from having to buy a bigger disk drive. 

Task Closer

When you’ve got that work deadline coming up and don’t want any disturbances, or if you want to squeeze every last bit of horsepower out of your system for that new game. 

Just define what you want to keep running and Task Closer will eliminate the rest. 

No more popups, notifications or background tasks taking away your focus until you restart the applications or your computer. 

Software Updater (BETA)

A brand new tool to jv16 PowerTools to help keep your PC up to date so that you have the latest security updates and features of your favourite applications. 

Any installed apps on your computer get cross checked against our database and then with a click you will be sent to the websites of the vendors for their installers. 

Find All

Enter any search phrase or even multiple search phrases, and the Find All feature will list all the matching files, folders and registry data from your computer.

While this feature can be handy in finding, say, a missing document from your system, it has been optimized for searching data of installed software.

Type in a name of an installed app or a game and this feature will list everything the app has added to your computer.

Find All even enables you to delete locked or write protected files.


Translations work automatically based on your set computer language, or can be changed in the menu.

If your language is not listed it will default to English.
Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to assist with translations! 

jv16 powerTools comes preinstalled with the following languages:

Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish.

jv16 PowerTools

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