Our Key Features

jv16 PowerTools is a powerful, yet easy-to-use Windows Utility Suite to Fix Windows errors and Make Your PC Faster!

Based on the popular freeware registry cleaner app RegCleaner, originally launched in 1998, today jv16 PowerTools has over 250 000 happy customers!

1 System Fixer NEW!

Benefit More work and fun, less Windows issues and troubleshooting!.

The more time you have spent with computers, the more Windows errors messages you have seen – and the more time you have spent troubleshooting Windows errors!

This is why we developed System Fixer. It’s an easy to use tool that scans your entire system for common Windows and system errors and fixes them for you.

System Fixer can automatically find and fix:

  • Broken file references in the registry,
  • Invalid or corrupted app uninstallation data,
  • Invalid Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts,
  • Invalid automatically starting apps,
  • Left-over files and registry keys from previously removed apps.

In our opinion, the System Fixer feature makes jv16 PowerTools the easiest way to fix and repair Windows

2 System Cleaner

Benefit Faster and smoother running Windows PC!

Our 20+ years of experience in Windows system cleaning has enabled us to fine-tune our cleaning engine to be able to identify exactly what is safe to delete!

If you are asking “How to make Windows faster” or “Why is my computer slow” – you just found the answer: jv16 PowerTools can clean your computer and make your Windows PC faster.

Quickly and safely clean:

  • Registry and file system errors,
  • Unneeded junk data,
  • Left-over software data, and
  • Browser history and cookies.

jv16 PowerTools can also automatically find and fix common Windows errors, such as registry errors and broken shortcuts.

In our opinion, the System Cleaner feature makes jv16 PowerTools the Best PC Cleaner there is.

3 Software Uninstaller

Benefit Decluttered computer without old software left-overs.

The apps listing in the Windows Control Panel only shows you data installed apps report and if you want to uninstall something, Windows relies entirely on the apps themselves to perform the uninstallation. This almost always means some data is left behind.

This is why installing and uninstalling many apps will lead to your computer eventually slowing down. You lose the “Fresh Windows” feeling.

Software Uninstaller scans your entire computer and identifies installed software as well as left-over traces of old software.

Software Uninstaller can batch uninstall software and perform unattended uninstallation of software. Before anything is removed, it will list all the files and registry data relating to the apps you want to remove.

These are just some of the reasons why we believe the Software Uninstaller makes jv16 PowerTools the Best Software Uninstaller.

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4 Finder

Benefit Saves your time by finding data faster and easier.

If it’s there, Finder will find it for you!

You can search for:

  • Files,
  • Folders,
  • Registry keys, and
  • Registry entries.

You can search for all these data types at the same time, for example to find all files and registry data relating to an installed app by searching with its name. You can also search using many search phrases at the same time and from many folders at the same time.

Windows Search can be slow and inaccurate, and doesn’t allow you to decide what exactly you want to find. jv16 PowerTools’ Finder can be configured and it will search exactly what you want, how you want!

5 Big File Finder

Benefit Get more free space by easily deleting big, ol’ space wasting files.

Big File Finder has been designed for finding large, forgotten files that are still wasting space in your system. For example, old downloaded files that you have already forgotten. Finding these files manually with Windows File Explorer would take ages. It takes one click with Big File Finder.

The tool allows you to specify what size files to find and also when the files were last modified, created or used. For example, with a click of a button, Big File Finder can list every file over 100 MB that has been created over 30 days ago, and has not been modified or used in the last 30 days. Big File Finder can also remove all the big and old files from your system to save space.

Of course, everything about the search can be customized – how big files you want to find, how old they must be, when were they last used or modified, what file types, where to find them and so on. Find the data that you want. That is the jv16 PowerTools way.

6 Duplicate Finder

Benefit Get more free space by finding and removing duplicate files.

You may currently be losing a lot of disk space due to duplicate photos, or duplicate video files. You can recover disk space and free system resources by finding the duplicate files and removing them.

Duplicate files are files with identical content, although the Duplicate Finder can also look for files with identical or similar filenames. If you want to find duplicate files, this is the tool for you!

Trying to find duplicate files with Windows File Explorer or Windows Search would take ages.

With jv16 PowerTools, it takes a few seconds! After the tool has found the duplicate files for you, you can select which ones you want to keep and which delete, and the tool can clean up the unwanted duplicate files for you.

Like the Big File Finder, this tool also supports a wide range of filters for finding duplicate files. For example, you can only look for duplicate files which are over 50 MB in size and have not been used in the last 7 days.

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7 File Renamer

Benefit Save time by not having to manually rename files. Renaming files manually is tedious, it can take a long time and it is easy to make mistakes. That is where jv16 PowerTools comes in. It can easily rename many files at the same time, as well as edit existing file names for example by performing a find and replace with the file names. File Renamer performs what is often called a batch file rename, which is just a fancy way of saying changing the names of many files at the same time. This is something you cannot do with Windows File Explorer. Did you just download a collection of hundred files and the filenames all look like “company_document_hall_cleaning_procedure.pdf” etc? With File Renamer, you could for example remove all the “_” characters from the filenames, add text to each file or perform a find and replace within the filenames.

8 File Splitter

Benefit Ease up the transfer of large files over the internet by splitting them into smaller parts. It can be difficult to transfer large files over the internet. For example, most file upload websites won’t allow uploads larger than 100 MB. And even if you can upload bigger files, splitting the uploads and downloads into smaller pieces reduces the risk of the transfer failing and you having to restart it from the beginning. File Splitter allows you to split large files into multiple parts, either by splitting the given files into a specific number of parts, or by file size. For example, you can use this tool to split a large file into parts of 50 MB.

9 File Merger

Benefit Ease up the merging of downloaded file parts. As mentioned with the File Splitter, transferring large files can be difficult. Splitting files into smaller parts makes it a lot easier. File Merger allows you to merge any split files back into their original state. File Merger performs what is called a binary file merging. It means it will simply append all the data together into a single file. This means it works with any file type, but it’s especially handy with large compressed files such as ZIP files and large video files such as AVI or MKV files that have been split into parts.

10 File Deleter

Benefit Prevent the need to pull your hair for not being able to delete the files you want. It can be difficult to delete files in Windows. Files can be protected against removal by many different methods. For example, “Cannot delete file, the file is open” error message is familiar to every Windows power user. Not being able to delete files can cause many problems, such as not being able to uninstall and reinstall apps. Malicious software could also try to protect itself from being removed. This is where the File Deleter comes along. It unlocks and deletes files that cannot be normally deleted, you can even use it to delete protected system files. File Deleter uses two methods of deleting locked files: First, it attempts to unlock the file and then delete it. If that fails, it can also restart Windows to delete the file before the system starts the next time.

11 File Wiper

Benefit Improves your privacy by removing data in a way it cannot be restored. When a file is normally deleted, it is simply marked as free space on your disk but the data still remains there and can be easily recovered. This can raise many privacy related problems, for example if you are selling your computer and you want to ensure it doesn’t contain any of your files. File Wiper allows you to easily remove files from your computer in a way they cannot be recovered. This works by first overwriting the data on the hard drive multiple times with random data and then removing the data. A special feature of jv16 PowerTools’ File Wiper is that it also generates fake data to make it impossible to even say what file names used to exist in your system. For example, if you use the File Wiper to delete a file called “my_secret_selfie.jpg”, the tool will first generate many similarly named files, as well as files with random English words and then delete them all from your drive. If anyone could restore the names of files you used to store in your computer, you now have plausible deniability that you didn’t have such files, that they were in fact just created by jv16 PowerTools.

12 Task Manager

Benefit Free up system resources by closing unneeded apps. Windows Task Manager allows you to see which processes are running and allows you to terminate the processes you don’t want to see. That’s good, but jv16 PowerTools can do better. First of all, Task Manager allows you to see running apps, not processes and without any background system processes filling the view. The difference between a running app and a running process is that an app can have multiple processes and on the other hand, a process may not be relating to any running app but to the Windows system itself. Task Manager also supports real-time filtering options, so you can only see the data you want to see. In addition, our Task Manager supports the automatic closing of apps and processes. For example, let’s say you want to focus on work but some apps keep showing you popup notifications. You can start the Automatic Closing feature and define which apps should be allowed to run, and the tools automatically closes everything else – and keeps them closed.

13 Web Blocker

Benefit Allows you to focus on things that matter in life, also improves your online privacy. Having almost unlimited access to entertainment online is a good thing. But there can be too much of a good thing. If you feel like you would sometimes want to not have access to social media or news websites, for example, this can be easily done with jv16 PowerTools’ Web Blocker. Also, you can use the Web Blocker to block access to advertising and online tracking related services to improve your online privacy. Web Blocker can block access to specific websites. You can either choose to block all websites of certain types, for example, to block access to gambling related websites, social media websites or to adult entertainment websites. You can also whitelist websites that you want to allow access to even with the blocking enabled. For example, you could choose to block all social media websites, but allow access to LinkedIn for example. The blocking of websites works in the Windows core level using its Hosts file. This means it works with all browsers and does not rely on any running apps, plugins or browser extensions. And it won’t slow down your web browsing.

14 Internet Optimizer

Benefit Find cute cat pictures faster. When you open any website, your computer needs to make many DNS queries to find out which servers online you need to connect to. The default settings can be very slow but the Internet Optimizer will benchmark and find the best DNS server for you! Internet Optimizer runs benchmarks to test what are the fastest DNS servers for you to use. This allows you to optimize your internet speed by removing all the trial and error and guesswork. There are many lists of the fastest and the best DNS servers to use. In fact, we have one such list: Best DNS Servers to Use For Free While these lists can be useful, why choose a DNS server that is the fastest for someone else, when you could just click one button in jv16 PowerTools and let it automatically choose the fastest DNS servers for you?

Other Features

15 Widget

Benefit See what’s running in your computer and close what you don’t need. jv16 PowerTools comes with a Widget that can show information about the running apps, and it can be extensively configured to display different information and show different tools. As with everything in jv16 PowerTools, the Widget can be suited to your needs. No matter if you want to have a lot of information and tools visible

16 Dark Mode

Benefit Don’t blast your eyes by staring at bright white user interfaces all day. jv16 PowerTools supports both the normal and Dark Mode user interface: Dark Mode is automatically enabled if you have the dark Windows theme enabled in your system. If not, you can also set the Dark Mode from jv16 PowerTools’ Settings.

Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, RomanianSpanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese

17 Multilingual User Interface

Benefit Use the app with the language you are the most familiar with.

We know that not everyone speaks English. In fact, our own team consists of people speaking many different languages and that is why jv16 PowerTools comes with all these languages: English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

This means the entire program can be used with any of these languages and the language can be changed from the program’s Settings at any time. There are no separate versions of the program to download or any language files to install.

18 Fully Configurable

Benefit Use our program the way it best fits you!

Many things how jv16 PowerTools looks and feels like can be configured. This is because we know you want to use the program the way it best fits your needs.

For example, do you use a system with multiple displays? You can define which display jv16 PowerTools should start on. Do you not use some of the many tools jv16 PowerTools contains? That’s alright, you can hide any unwanted tools from the program’s user interface. Do you want to run jv16 PowerTools using command line arguments? Sure, you can do that. Protect the installation of jv16 PowerTools with a password? Easy.

We are not developing jv16 PowerTools only for our own use, we are making it for you!

Fix and Make Windows Faster