Why Windows Is Better Than Mac OS

I know, many people will argue against this but as much as it would hurt them to admit there are plenty of arguments that make Windows the better choice in this friendly (or not really) battle. And when I am referring to Windows, I mean a clean, well-maintained operating system on which you already ran something like the jv16 PowerTools to make sure the operating system is on top of its game.

So let’s see why so many people prefer to have a Windows-powered device than a Mac:

  1. A lot more apps and software– More people use Windows than Mac OS and that shows in the number of applications and software available for Windows. Just look at their app stores. The Mac App Store features under 14,000 apps while Windows Store boasts more than 50,000. You can find good apps and some bad apps in both stores but the sheer number of Windows apps make this one a winner in the category.
  2. Windows runs everything – Windows is more flexible and runs everything from the latest games and software to the old software that used to be common in corporations all over the world. Almost every version of software will run on Windows and you cannot say the same about the Mac Os. Apple tends to drop compatibility with older versions pretty fast and you cannot really upgrade whatever you like whenever you want.
  3. Better for gaming – Windows offers a superior gaming experience and you’ll be able to play most games. Big titles are available for OS X and Apple has some decent graphic cards, but you won’t have so many options, hardware and tools to be able to bring your gaming experience to a whole different level.
  4. It’s more affordable – With a Mac you might feel you pay a little too much for what you get. Apple doesn’t give you many options to upgrade so in a few years you end up needing to buy a new computer that drains your budget even more. Also, you can pick up a very decent Windows device from a big brand for less than $500.
  5. It’s very good for designers – Windows offers a lot of great design software and file compatibility between a PC and a Mac is great now. Many people actually prefer to design on Windows due to its speed, great multi-monitor support and amazing device compatibility. There’s very little you can get on a Mac and that can’t be had on a Windows PC.

People who change from a PC to a Mac always boast that change, but there are many more who change to a Mac for a while and then they come back to a PC because they simply find it better and they feel they get better value for their money. You can get excellent device for amazing prices, the software diversity is simply amazing and you can keep your Windows in shape, up and kicking with a simple and cheap software like jv16 PowerTools X.