What You Should Know About The Windows Registry

Everyone today is computer savvy, but admittedly, not all of us are computer experts. Which is why we get stumped when the brand new Windows PC we had purchased a month earlier takes forever to start up. Once it starts, it then proceeds to launch a gazillion programs, most of which we have zero clue about. We just accept it as a part of price to pay for using a Windows operating system and go about clicking and waiting for our required program to launch while sipping the coffee. Yet, we wonder in the back of our mind ‘Why does the same Windows computer of the geeky tech guy next door boot up in a jiffy even though he has like a million programs installed?’ The answer to all these problems is quite simple – it has got to do with something known as Windows Registry of our PC.

So what exactly is a Windows Registry? Simply put, it is an archive or database of the configuration settings of each and every software, hardware, applications, DLL files, and Windows components of our computer. Windows Registry can thus be called the DNA of our computer. It updates and stores the user preferences and changes made to every program as well as changes to configuration settings of our PC. Every time a software runs on our PC, it retrieves the settings from Windows Registry and runs according to the latest logged in user settings. The performance, reliability as well as the stability of our PC rests in its Windows Registry. So, what about the sluggishness or frequent crashes of our PC we talked about earlier? Place the blame squarely on the Windows Registry.

Now for the million dollar question.  As a non-technical person, how do we manage the Windows Registry so that we can make the PC boot up faster? Or get rid of those unwanted programs eating up our PC space? Just so we are clear, tinkering with Windows Registry files is like doing an open heart surgery to your PC. So, unless we know what we are doing, it can literally make our PC die. This is where a brilliant Windows utility software like jv16 PowerTools X gains significance.

jv16 PowerTools  is a simple and powerful tool that is quite easy to use. On enabling the ‘Startup Optimizer’ in the tool, the startup speed of the system gets instantly boosted by automatically making changes to Windows Registry in the background. The feature called ‘Immunize My Computer’ in the tool helps in preventing the system from visiting known malicious websites. For uninstalling unwanted software (also called as Bloatware or crapware), the ‘Decrap my computer’ function of the tool could be used without manually editing the Windows registry. The tool also helps to Clean and Fix Computer, Uninstall Software and Leftovers, as well as Control Which Programs to Start Automatically, all by making changes to Windows Registry without removing user’s software or data.

So try out our 30 day free trial of full version of jv16 PowerTools today. After all, you need not know all technical gibberish to be smart!