The Problem With Unwanted Data

The Curse of Software Availability

There’s probably so much unwanted data clogging the virtual mind of your operating system right now that it slows it down by a factor of 4X or 5X. Your computer could be much faster and functional if you were to clean all that unwanted data and the software that you no longer need.

The problem with so much unwanted data

It’s great that you can get so much software to do the hard work for you. You need to edit a video so you purchase or download two or three pieces of software to see how they work. If you need to watch a movie you download a few different players with the attached codecs. If you are into design you will quickly find a suite of apps that seem to do the job but you’ll still be tempted to add a few more to your collection.

What you don’t realize is that your computer just about had enough. Each piece of software creates a ton of files even if you only start and operate the software once or twice. Most of the time you just open new software and see that you don’t really like it or find it useful. You quickly close it and you’re already on the way of forgetting about it. In 90% of the cases all the files of the software and all the files created remain deep down inside your computer using space. Most often than not, some part of the program will still run in the background using its chunk of memory, not much but still.

With tens of software like this, each one eating up resources, it’s no wonder that the computer seems to be under a heavy burden even if you are apparently running just one or two apps.

New software does more than to add files. It will mess with the Windows registry, create some system errors and give way to some auto-updates reminders and utilities that work in the background without you knowing about it.

It’s hard to resist the temptation of installing a ton of new software, after all, that’s why you bought the damn thing in the first place and you also can’t be bothered to uninstall each app in the correct and recommended way every time you decide you’ll not be using it. Moreover, you never really decide that you won’t be using a piece of software. What if you need it sometime later? Why not just leave it there?

The good news

An obvious and sound advice would be that you go over all the apps you installed and uninstall each and every one that you don’t like. But that still won’t fix the wrong. The easy way out of this mess will leave you with your spare time untouched.

There’s an app called jv16 PowerTools that will do all the nasty stuff of cleaning up your computer of unwanted files, fixing up the registry, splitting files, merging files and doing what a cleaning and healing software’s gotta do. Yes, sir! There’s a way out of this mess. A bright, beautiful way toward a fast and responsive computer, just like when you first bought it. So, yeah, go ahead and give it a try. It will definitely be a life-changer and a way out of the software availability curse.