Make Your Computer At Least 47% Faster

Your PC drives you mad sometimes, right? Isn’t it moving slower than a snail when you most want it to perform? Yes, it does, but know that you’re not alone, others are experiencing this incredibly frustrating situation and they know a way out.

Your computer might not be inherently slow, it’s just working so hard to keep up with a lot of unfixed system errors, a messed up registry, services running in the background and tons of unwanted data. Here’s a quick list of what you can do today to make your computer at least 47% faster and shine like a powerful Computer Hulk even after all these years:

  1. Delete programs you don’t use – Think about when you last used each program. If it was more than six months ago chances are that you can survive perfectly fine without that software. Don’t worry, if you need it again you can reinstall it, this becomes easier and easier by the day. So just delete anything you don’t use and you’ll find there are a few of these. It will make a big difference, trust me.
  2. Be picky about the programs that run at startup – Why do you need so many programs running whenever you start Windows? Choose to allow only programs that you actually use on a daily basis. Everything else must go because it is a double-click away anyway.
  3. Stop multitasking so much – Yes, Windows was designed for multitasking in a way, but it does not do it very well when you exaggerate and when you don’t have crazy good hardware to support it. Just keep two or three main programs active. Close anything you don’t use momentarily. This will also help you focus and get more done.
  4. Remember to restart the computer– The “hibernate” function is so damn cool that we end up using it all the time and then we wonder why the computer starts to slow down. Restart your PC at least once per week because that clears out the memory and closes all the services and processes of which a few might be useless.
  5. Defragment the hard disk – It takes only a few minutes or hours and it might make a huge difference.
  6. Clean up the hard disk – Delete temporary files, empty the Recycle bin, remove system files that you don’t need. You could be doing this yourself or you could use something like the jv16 PowerTools to do it for you and save your some time and hassle.
  7. Viruses much? – Check for adware, spyware and viruses. They can affect your PC tremendously and even put your private data in danger. Do you have unexpected messages just popping up? Is your hard disk constantly working? Do some programs start automatically without you triggering them? There’s a problem there. Be sure to investigate.

There’s a lot you can do to maintain your computer at top performance all the time. Even little things like turning off visual effects can help in improving the overall speed of your PC.