jv16 PowerTools 2016 – First Sneak Peek – New Features

We have decided what jv16 PowerTools 2016 will have to offer as improvements and new features.

In this first jv16 PowerTools 2016 Sneak Peek we will uncover the product’s new look and design style.

This First Sneak Peek includes details  about the upcoming Privacy Tools category. Focus has been set on the new Windows 10 AntiSpy  and the Pictures AntiSpy tools.

jv16 PowerTools 2016 – Make Windows Fast!

Make Windows Fast! Also, we aim to make Windows less vulnerable to identifiable data leakage. These are the core incentives behind the entire rethinking of jv16 PowerTools 2016.

We believe that having a fast and easy to use operating system is not good enough in today’s modern world. Getting back your computing efficiency should not have a negative impact on your privacy.

Windows 10 AntiSpy safeguards your behavioral data by providing out of the box settings. Based on built-in data collection features included with Windows 10. Works by disabling them.

Pictures AntiSpy cleans personally identifiable data from picture files before they reach the Internet. This process also results in less disk space requirements for all your photo albums.

With this new release, jv16 PowerTools 2016 aims to fill the privacy gaps left by other products.

jv16 PowerTools 2016 Innovations and Progress

New Tool: Windows 10 AntiSpy blocks Windows 10 from sending out data such as operating system behaviour patterns and search trends.

New Tool: Pictures AntiSpy scans and cleans unwanted data within your picture files. We recommend using Pictures AntiSpy before uploading your latest family album online!

New Tool: Startup Speedometer measures the system’s startup speed. It will be part of jv16 PowerTools 2016 so you can measure the actual PC’s Startup time yourself. Later on, you can maybe brag about it with your friends. Startup Speedometer is especially useful when interested in measuring the benefits of Startup Optimizer.

The Health Score Algorithm was rebuilt from the ground up. In this new version, we aimed for higher accuracy, especially on older PCs.

Flat Design Paradigm

This is what jv16 PowerTools 2016 main window looks like at the current stage of development:

  • The Decrap My Computer tool discontinued from the PowerTools 2016 suite. The tool will develop further as a stand-alone, free for all to use product (more details to follow).
  • Windows 10 AntiSpy protects enduser behavior data. Protection and default recommended privacy settings for Windows 10 users.
  • Development progress on Pictures AntiSpy. The tool will clean your photos of personal tracking data and save disk space!
  • New, modern Macecraft Software Help Center

Why Privacy Matters?

Glenn Greenwald was one of the first reporters to see and write about the Edward Snowden files. He published revelations about the United States’ extensive surveillance of private citizens. In this talk Greenwald makes the case for why you need to care about privacy. Even if you’re “not doing anything you need to hide”.

Am I eligible for a free update to jv16 PowerTools 2016?

If you are our Plainum VIP customer then you can update to PowerTools 2016 for free once released. Same rule applies if you have bought jv16 PowerTools X in the August of 2015 or later.

Why should I buy now instead of waiting?

If you Buy Now then you get jv16 PowerTools 2016 and all related updates for free, once available.


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