5 Widespread Computer Slowdown Myths Debunked

All PC users seem to have something in common:

They all share the pain of their PC slowing down after two or three months of use. Yes, the slowdown will come. The bad part is that most people don’t know a whole lot about how a computer works or should be maintained and they come up with all kinds of crazy explanations for the slowdown. These rumors spread quickly and end up making people spend outrageous amounts on new hardware, repairs or software that doesn’t go to the heart of the problem.

So watch out for these myths and don’t let them fool you ever again:

  1. The PC hardware is worn out – Your car wears out and you need to replace parts. So does the washing machine or the dryer and many people believe that computers must be the same, but they aren’t. The hardware of a computer is actually much more durable than most people think. It’s made to last and that it will. The slowdown you experience is not because of worn out hardware but because the operating system and software has degraded mostly due to updates, installing and uninstalling programs or due to old drivers.
  2. Spyware or viruses are the biggest causes of PCs slowing down – It’s good to protect your computer from spyware or viruses and malware does tend to use some of the resources of the PC, but that is not the sole or primary cause of your computer slowing down. Modern adware or spyware will not impact your computer more than a new installed game. The exception is when your computer gathered a large number of malware.
  3. A PC is the fastest when it is new – It depends. Most of the times you can improve the speed of a new PC because it often comes with unnecessary start-up items that can be removed. You can also reconfigure some system settings as the standard factory settings are not always optimized for your way of use or your Internet connection. So even if your new PC is fast as lighting, remember that it’s probably not running at peak performance and a software like jv16 PowerTools X can make it even faster.
  4. New versions of Windows do not slow down – Wouldn’t that be just great? But the truth is that Windows 8 slows down just like 7 and Windows 7 slows down just like XP or Vista. New versions do have some improvements and better management tools but they slow down nonetheless. Every operating system will be a victim of clutter, fragmentation or registry errors.
  5. Formatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows is the only solution – Gladly, no! You can go ahead and go through the trouble of reinstalling Windows and your computer will be fast again, for a while. A better way is to install a PC clean-up and maintenance tool like jv16 PowerTools, which acts like a housemaid that cleans up the house every day so it’s always super presentable.

Want a fast computer? Get the right software to keep it clean and efficient every day, don’t just fall for common computer slowdown myths!