Preview of ScreenshotX

Easily take beautiful screenshots with ScreenshotX

We’re delighted to announce the launch of ScreenshotX!

ScreenshotX is a free, lightweight app for Windows to easily take beautiful screenshots and share them.

ScreenshotX is also our latest standalone tool and will be available in jv16 PowerTools version 8, scheduled to release on March, 30th.

Jouni Flemming, our Lead Developer, mentioned the idea behind ScreenshotX, “I wanted a simple and lightweight app for Windows that allows me to easily create beautiful screenshots, and then share them without the need for creating an account or any of that nonsense.”

ScreenshotX received interest from Redditors when Jouni shared it on the subreddit SideProject. A Redditor mentioned, “Hey, I definitely think that there is a need for a simple, light, flexible screenshot solution.” while another Reddit user commented, “This is awesome. Just a few days back I was looking for a screenshot tool. Definitely going to be your user 😀”

Preview of ScreenshotX

In the first version of ScreenshotX, you can do the following:

  • Take free-size or full-window screenshots
  • Share the screenshot without registration
  • Choose beautiful dynamic or static backgrounds
  • Create doodles on your screenshot
  • Add arrows on your screenshot
  • Extract the colors from your screenshot, with the color picker feature

You can download ScreenshotX version 1.0 here:

ScreenshotX will be available in jv16 PowerTools version 8 with additional features, scheduled to be released on March 30th along with two other new tools, System Examiner and Update Fixer.

Not only that, this new version 8 will also include the existing 15 powerful tools making it the major release with most tools included.