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An updated version of jv16 PowerTools X has been released.
The updated version contains the following changes:


New Features

  • New feature: Auto Update – if enabled, the program will automatically download and install updates to the program, translation(s) and the handbook (if installed). The updates happen with no action needed from the user, the user will be notified after any file has been updated.

Please note that this will most likely be the last time you will have to manually setup jv16 PowerTools X on your current operating system. Updates will from now on be delivered to your system automatically (once the latest, current version is downloaded and installed) and any bug fixes and improvements published alongside these updates will be reported to you via e-mail during our weekly updates session. Our full focus goes to making sure you benefit from some of the best PC Optimization features on the market today, with the least amount of effort.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Registry Compactor can refuse to start with an error message about failing to write to C drive.
  • Bug fix: The program can show error message about Access Violation after the Initial Setup has been ran and the program starts for the first time.
  • Bug fix: Sometimes when the program is started, the main window gets very unresponsive for a period of 5 – 10 seconds.
  • Bug fix: There can be the Buy Now option in the Help menu even if you already own a license for the product.
  • Bug fix: In some systems, the Initial Setup and/or the Software Uninstaller crash with Out of Memory error or run indefinitely.
  • Bug fix: Clicking the Update Details button in the My Account tool can show an error message about an Access Violation error.


  • Improvement: The boot time operations (Registry Compact, File Removal on Reboot, Registry Data Removal on Reboot) will now avoid using the root of the C disk drive for their configuration data, instead, a system Temporary directory will be used (if found).

The new version’s version number is After downloading and installing the new version, please open the Help > About window to verify you are running the latest version. Some browsers tend to cache the installation file and therefore you might not receive the latest version but the same old version you have previously downloaded.

You can install the new version over any previous versions of jv16 PowerTools X. If you are running jv16 PowerTools 2014 or any earlier version, please install PowerTools X to a new directory, do not install it over PowerTools 2014 (do not install to same installation directory).

The new version can be downloaded from here: download jv16 PowerTools X.

Are you an existing customer?

Existing customers who bought the jv16 PowerTools 2014 version in August 2014 or later are entitled to a free upgrade. All Platinum VIP level customers are also entitled for a free update to the PowerTools X. To update, simply download the PowerTools X’s trial version and enter your details under the My Account feature.

For customers who have bought jv16 PowerTools 2014 any time before August 2014, or have bough any previous version, the price of a personal license upgrade for PowerTools X is only $5.95. To buy now at the discounted upgrade price, please visit httpss://www.jv16powertools/upgrade-ptx/

To check your previous orders, please see the My Licenses page.

If you own a license for jv16 PowerTools X, simply run PowerTools X, open the My Account feature and enter your name and email address. The program will automatically download and install your license. Remember to use the same email address that you used with your order.

As an alternative method, you can also use the My Licenses page, download your PowerTools X license (or previous Platinum VIP level license), save the license file to your computer, after that open PowerTools X’s My Account, click “Install License” and locate the license file you just downloaded.

In case of any problems in buying or applying your license, please Contact Us.

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