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What is the issue with your computer that needs immediate attention? Your computer deserves to run at full speed, and we’re eager to help always. 

We love to receive inquiries about our services from our lovely clientele and prospective clients.  

  • Has your computer come across a cleaning problem due to potentially unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries?
  • Are you worried that your computer is loaded with unneeded data and bugs that make it run slowly? 

If yes, kindly contact us
via the following channels. 

Our team not only offers excellent cleaning services but prides itself on its prompt response time. Our technical support is open every business day from 6 AM to 6 PM (GMT+3). 

Technical Support

For tech support, visit the Macecraft Software Help Center or submit a request
if you have any questions relating to our products.


We can only provide technical support relating to the operation of our products to licensed customers of jv16 PowerTools.

Mailing Address

In you wish to send us a letter or a postcard,
our mailing address is:

Macecraft, Inc.
PL 1
28101 PORI

VAT ID: FI17683725

If you are using the free trial version of our software, please use the discussion forum for support. Or, alternatively, buy a license to get full premium support access. 

Please notice that any communications with us is subject to our Privacy Policy. We may publish parts of the communication, such as in a form of a testimonial in our website. However, this is always done without publishing your full name or contact details.

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