Windows Update Fixer done screen

Update Fixer: A free, open source program to fix Windows Update

We’re happy to announce the release of Update Fixer!

Update Fixer is a lightweight, freeware app to automatically fix Windows Update. It fixes common problems such as Windows Update not starting at all, or starting but getting stuck.

Here is a preview of Update Fixer fixing an update issue that the official Windows Update Troubleshooter and PSWindowsUpdate PowerShell script can’t fix:

The idea behind Update Fixer came up when Jouni Flemming, our founder and lead developer ran into an issue with Windows Update not starting on his personal computer. After researching different ways to fix a Windows Update issue with no luck, he then resorted to building a new app as a solution.

“I didn’t find a way to fix my computer’s Windows Update and after spending a lot of time on the problem, I figured other people might have similar issues. There was no tool to simply fix Windows Update, so I had to make one myself,” said Jouni Flemming.

He also added, “Update Fixer can fix many kinds of common problems causing Windows Update to fail. And its user interface includes pictures of cats, so I’d say it’s pretty good.”

Update Fixer is released as a free, open-source software with the full source code available under GPL license in GitHub:

Update Fixer can be downloaded for free from its website: