Why we believe jv16 PowerTools is:

The Best Software Uninstaller

There are many uninstallers claiming to thoroughly uninstall and remove apps from Windows. It’s a bold claim to say we believe ours is the best windows software uninstaller.

Let us show you the facts and you can decide for yourself.

Best Software Uninstaller Scan Screen

Why is jv16 PowerTools Software Uninstaller the best?

First of all, jv16 PowerTools’s Software Uninstaller has these key features that most other competitors don’t have:

  1. Batch uninstallation of software. Do you want to uninstall twenty apps while you go out to have coffee? With jv16 PowerTools you can.
  2. Unattended uninstallation. Our Software Uninstaller supports 100% automated uninstallation of software. After you click Start, there is nothing more to click or do while the uninstallation is happening.
  3. Finds all installed software and left-overs. Apps are supposed to inform Windows when they are installed and this is how Windows keeps track of what software is installed. But this fails when apps don’t register themselves. This is why jv16 PowerTools performs a registry and hard drive scan to find installed software and left-over traces of old software.
  4. Lists all the data relating to installed software. Before jv16 PowerTools starts to uninstall anything, it shows you exactly which files, folders and registry keys will be removed. Don’t just let some app uninstall software and let it guess what should be removed.
  5. Custom uninstallation engine. We don’t simply ask an app to remove itself, which is exactly how most other uninstallers work and which is why they leave so much data behind. We first ask nicely, and then we use jv16 PowerTools’ unique custom uninstallation engine to check and double check all data relating to the app has been removed.
  6. Removes locked files. Software Uninstaller can finalise the uninstallation by restarting Windows and removing any locked or in-use files before Windows starts the next time.

This is how it looks:

This is how you can review all the data that would be removed if you uninstall this software:

Better and more features than other software uninstallers

Software Uninstaller also has many useful features that most other products don’t have.

For example, you can see the installation size of installed apps as well as their impact on your system’s performance. Having too many apps installed and running will slow down your computer. The impact rating helps you to see which apps slow your computer down the most.

You can filter the results, for example, by hiding all system apps or all installed programs by Microsoft. You can also filter the results by a search word. You can also save the list of installed software to a file in multiple file formats. And see more information about each installed app, including their installation paths, open the paths for more detailed analysis and so on. This is the jv16 PowerTools way – it gives you the power to control your computer. Not the other way around.

jv16 PowerTools’ Software Uninstaller outperformed other software uninstallers

It’s easy to make bold claims without evidence. That’s why we conducted a benchmark test to give further proof on why we believe that jv16 PowerTools is the best Software Uninstaller for Windows.

In a benchmark test that we conducted in 2021, our Software Uninstaller left the fewest leftovers after uninstallation than three popular uninstallers. Here are the summary of the results:

You can read more details on the benchmark test performed from this page. The page also contains instructions to perform the benchmark test on your own, which we strongly advise you to do.

jv16 PowerTools is also packed with many other features
Software Uninstaller is one of the key features of jv16 PowerTools, Windows utility suite. In total, jv16 PowerTools has a total of 13 powerful, yet easy to use tools for Windows. Have a look at our features page if you want to read more.

Hear what people say about jv16 PowerTools’ Software Uninstaller

Hear what our happy customers say about Software Uninstaller. The testimonials are taken directly from our TrustPilot reviews.

“…It’s really gratifying to uninstall a program you no longer need and jv16 has done it even more completely than the Windows 10 uninstall utility. No unwanted fragments left behind in the registry or old icons on your Desktop…”

– Marc, USA

“…The first thing I did was uninstall a few programs as I had just updated to Windows 11 Pro and didn’t use them anymore. This program found logs and other data that the actual program’s uninstaller left behind…”

– Alan, USA

“…jv16 has been my absolute go-to for checking registry leftovers, brute-force uninstall of programs that left an untidy mess, causing conflicts. This product saves me tedious regedit searches, deletions, new searches and is my first run before “restoring yesterday’s drive-backup”

– Sven, Ireland

Try jv16 PowerTools and see is it the best for you

Seeing is believing. That’s why we strongly recommend you to try jv16 PowerTools to see it for yourself. We want to show exactly what the program can do for you to make your Windows PC run smoother.

Download jv16 PowerTools now. It comes with zero bundled software and zero adware. It’s free to try for 14 days.

Yes, jv16 PowerTools is a commercial software.

It costs $19 USD per year on subscription, or $49 USD as a one time payment that gives you a perpetual license to use it forever. That is how we pay our bills and keep improving the product.

You can try it for free for 14 days and if you buy it, we offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

We value our results and your privacy.

If you are using a free system cleaning program, you are the product.

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