jv16 PowerTools 2014 released!

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New PowerTools 2014 software delivers over 20% improved benchmark scores and Windows startup times

With its super charged system cleaning engine, the new jv16 PowerTools 2014 software improves performance and cleans errors from Windows-based systems with ease. The 2014 version was released alongside a benchmark study which revealed that this latest edition reduces system startup time from an average of 100 seconds to 47 seconds. The study also shows that the program increases the PCMark 7 benchmark score from 1166 points to 1472 points.

“PowerTools 2014 delivers epic results,” said Jouni Flemming, lead developer at Macecraft Software. “Instead of focusing too much on adding new features, we took all the things that were great in the 2013 edition – speed, safety and accuracy – and made them better. And to back everything up, we ran benchmarks to actually show everyone what this product can do.”

We took all the things that were great in the 2013 edition – speed, safety and accuracy – and made them better. And to back everything up, we ran benchmarks to actually show everyone what this product can do. PowerTools 2014 delivers epic results!

The main changes included in the 2014 version are:

  • Supercharged new system cleaning engine that will clear more junk from your system than ever before.
  • Improved ability of the Registry Cleaner and the Clean and Fix My Computer tools to remove protected and locked registry data and files. And if they do fail to remove data, they will automatically set up the data to be removed during the next system restart.
  • Addition of a new feature in the Software Uninstaller called Forced Uninstall. This will perform a software uninstallation on system restart to allow complete removal of even the nastiest software. If this feature cannot uninstall software, probably nothing can!
  • Clean and Fix My Computer can now set up a Registry Compact to be performed during the next system restart.
  • Highly improved new software leftover detection engine introduced in the Software Uninstaller.
  • Hundreds of small fixes, performance tweaks and user interface improvements!

A fully functional 60-day free version of jv16 PowerTools 2014 is available for immediate download. This version is not feature limited in any way. It can be downloaded from: httpss://www.jv16powertools/download/jv16-powertools-2014/

Supported operating systems include: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. The product fully supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Installation instructions: Install jv16 PowerTools 2014 to a new directory, or uninstall the previous version first. Do not install over any previous version of PowerTools.

Program ships with the following languages: English, Czech, Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Pricing: The price for new customers is only $29.95. Customers who bought the 2013 version in August 2013 or later are entitled to a free upgrade (your existing license will work with the new version). Customers who have previously bought any product from Macecraft are entitled to upgrade at a discounted price of $5.95. To buy at the discounted upgrade price, please go to: httpss://www.jv16powertools/upgrade-pt2014/.
jv16 PowerTools 2014 is a free upgrade for all Platinum VIP license owners.

To learn more about jv16 Powertools 2014, please visit: httpss://www.jv16powertools/jv16-powertools-2014/
To download a fully functional, unlimited 60 day trial of jv16 Powertools 2014, go to: httpss://www.jv16powertools/download/jv16-powertools-2014/
The benchmark study can be read at: httpss://www.jv16powertools/registry-cleaner-benchmark-study/</>

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