Internet Optimizer

The Best way to optimize your DNS settings

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Internet Optimizer is a tool that runs benchmarks to test and find the fastest DNS servers for your computer. This tool provides a simple and effective solution to optimize your DNS server settings and improve your internet speed, privacy, and security.

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Key Features

Finds the fastest DNS servers for you

There are many lists of the fastest and the best DNS servers available online. But, those DNS servers may not be tailored to your specific computer setup and internet service provider.

Automatic benchmark to find the best DNS settings

With Internet Optimizer, you don’t have to go through trial and error and guesswork to find the best DNS server for your computer. Simply click a button, and the tool will automatically find the fastest DNS servers for you, removing any guesswork or manual configuration.

What makes Internet Optimizer the best tool to optimize your DNS server settings?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a crucial component of the internet infrastructure. It works like a phonebook for the internet, translating human-friendly domain names into machine-friendly IP addresses. When you visit a website, your computer needs to communicate with the DNS server to resolve the domain name into the IP address. However, the default DNS server settings can be slow, leading to slow internet speed and laggy browsing experience.

Internet Optimizer optimizes your DNS server settings by running benchmarks to test and find the fastest DNS servers for your computer. By optimizing your DNS server settings, you can significantly improve your internet speed and browsing experience.

jv16 PowerTools is packed with many other features

It’s important to highlight that jv16 PowerTools is a Windows utility suite with many powerful, yet easy to use features.

This tool is only one of its 18 main features. Have a look at our Features page to see all the features the program has.

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Using JV16 for around 20 years and no issues

I have been using JV16 for around 20 years, and RegClean, its predecessor before then. In its primary function of cleaning up the registry, software remnants, and making Windows work better I have had absolutely no issues.

The hundreds of thousands of registry entries and files JV16 has identified as unnecessary and worthy of deletion have never been in error in my experience. I have nothing but praise for this product.



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Highly Recommend!

So many times tech support is nothing more than a 'black' hole. Help is required, you submit the issue and it falls into the abyss. This is not the case with MaceCraft Software. Their software is solid, stable and their support staff is responsive and knowledgeable.

I don't give out A's often but MaceCraft Software deserves it. MaceCraft Software is an excellent choice.



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Always an amazingly fast response to inquiries and with a positive attitude rarely shown in other services and providers.

Well done - and keep up the development!



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Seeing is believing. That’s why we strongly recommend you to try jv16 PowerTools to see it for yourself. We want to show exactly what the program can do for you to make your Windows PC run smoother.

Download jv16 PowerTools now. It comes with no bundled software and no adware. It’s free to try for 14 days and the trial version does not have any feature limitations or any other such restrictions. If it says it found an error from your system, you can fix it without being forced to pay.

That’s right, jv16 PowerTools is not free.

But it only costs $19 USD per year with a subscription that gives you all the updates and latest versions without any additional fees. And we also have a lifetime license for just $49 USD as a one time payment that gives you a perpetual license to use it forever, also including all new future product updates and upgrades for free.

Unlike so many things these days, jv16 PowerTools is not free. When something is free, you are the product. Free things usually get paid by advertising and spying on you. We don’t do that. Instead, we want to offer you privacy and a high quality program for a very reasonable price.

You can also try the program for free for 14 days and if you buy it, we offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.