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The most versatile Windows search utility

Key Benefit Saves your time by finding data faster and easier

Finder is a versatile search utility that is designed to help you locate files, folders, registry keys and registry entries on your computer. It provides advanced search options to help you quickly find the items you are looking for.

You can search for all these data types at the same time, for example to find all files and registry data relating to an installed app by searching with its name. You can also search using many search phrases at the same time and from many folders at the same time.

jv16 PowerTools Tool Finder screenshot

This feature is part of jv16 PowerTools:

Key Features

Some of the key features of Finder include:

  • Advanced search options. You can specify a wide range of search criteria to narrow down your search and find the items you are looking for.
  • Export results. You can export the results of your search to a file, which is useful for documenting your search or sharing it with others.
  • Remembers the last used search settings. Need to redo a search? Finder will remember your last used search settings so you don’t need to start over again.
  • Ability to add Ignore Paths. You can exclude the list of directories and registry keys you don’t wish Finder to scan.

You can also define exactly how you want the search to happen. Such as:

  • Full word match – for example, searching for “foobar” will match “foobar.exe”, but not “foobar2000”.
  • Partial match – for example, searching for “foobar” will match “foobar.exe” and “foobar2000”.
  • Smart match – for example, searching for “foobar2000” will match “foobar.exe” and “foobar2000”

What makes jv16 PowerTools Finder the most versatile Windows search utility?

Windows Search can be slow and inaccurate, and doesn’t allow you to decide what exactly you want to find. jv16 PowerTools Finder can be configured and it will search exactly what you want, however you want!

If it’s there, Finder will find it for you!

Finder is a powerful and flexible search utility that can help you locate files, folders, and registry keys on your computer quickly and easily. It offers many advanced features and is safe to use, making it a valuable tool for all kinds of Windows users.

jv16 PowerTools is packed with many other features

It’s important to highlight that jv16 PowerTools is a Windows utility suite with many powerful, yet easy to use features.

This tool is only one of its 18 main features. Have a look at our Features page to see all the features the program has.

Learn More About Its Key Features

jv16 PowerTools Dashboard screenshot
jv16 PowerTools Dashboard shows system information and allows easy access to all the tools. Click to view the full size screenshot.

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Highly Recommend!

So many times tech support is nothing more than a 'black' hole. Help is required, you submit the issue and it falls into the abyss. This is not the case with MaceCraft Software. Their software is solid, stable and their support staff is responsive and knowledgeable.

I don't give out A's often but MaceCraft Software deserves it. MaceCraft Software is an excellent choice.



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The new JV16, with the system fixer is amazing!

This new version with the system fixer is amazing! Apparently, I was missing a C++ version, and JV16 found that it was missing, and clicking their link took me to the web page where I could download and then install the correct version.

I've used and owned their JV16 software for well over 10 years. In the past, they have been the only registry cleaner that I've had success with year after year, and I have tried others to compare and wound up with problems.



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Great software, great service

Work in IT and have used their software for years without problems. Had a slight problem late on Sunday afternoon, submitted a ticket and within half an hour Stefan responded with solution - on a Sunday!

Many of the huge software companies could take lessons from Macecraft on customer service



Trustpilot 5 star rating

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