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The Best Windows Duplicate File Finder Tool

Key Benefit Get more free space by finding and removing duplicate files

jv16 PowerTools Duplicate Finder tool is a powerful and flexible utility to quickly and easily locate duplicate files on your computer. The tool includes many advanced features and is safe to use, making it a valuable tool for you to free up valuable disk space and optimize your computer performance.

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Key Features

Customizable search criteria

You can specify a wide range of search criteria, including file size, date modified, file type, and more. This helps you find duplicate files more easily.

Fast search

The Duplicate Finder tool is designed to be fast and efficient, so you can find duplicate files on your computer very quickly.

Customizable exclude list

You can exclude specific files or folders from the search, which is useful if you have files that you do not want to delete.

Easily find duplicate files in Windows

The Duplicate Finder tool also helps you organize your files and make it easier to find what you’re looking for. By removing duplicate files, you can reduce clutter and make it easier to navigate your file system.

What makes jv16 PowerTools Duplicate Finder the best tool to locate duplicate files?

If you’re someone who stores a lot of photos or videos on your computer, you may find that over time, you’ve accumulated a lot of duplicate files. These files can take up disk space, slow down your computer, and make it difficult to find the files you need.

Finding these duplicate files manually with Windows File Explorer isn’t the solution either. File Explorer is very bulky and would take ages to perform search. Not to mention, it also doesn’t give in-depth search results.

With jv16 PowerTools’ Duplicate File Finder, finding and removing duplicate files takes just a few seconds. Once the tool has located the duplicate files for you, you can then choose which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to delete.

Whether you’re a business owner or a casual computer user, this tool can help you reclaim your disk space and improve your system performance.

jv16 PowerTools is packed with many other features

It’s important to highlight that jv16 PowerTools is a Windows utility suite with many powerful, yet easy to use features.

This tool is only one of its 18 main features. Have a look at our Features page to see all the features the program has.

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The new JV16, with the system fixer is amazing!

This new version with the system fixer is amazing! Apparently, I was missing a C++ version, and JV16 found that it was missing, and clicking their link took me to the web page where I could download and then install the correct version.

I've used and owned their JV16 software for well over 10 years. In the past, they have been the only registry cleaner that I've had success with year after year, and I have tried others to compare and wound up with problems.



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Using jv16 since virtually ever, there's little other to say about it apart from that it's a marvelous tool for keeping your system at peak.

Not much arguments for not using it.



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