why jv16 PowerTools is better

Why jv16 PowerTools?

Many programs claim to make Windows faster, clean junk, fix registry errors and uninstall software. Many of these programs are even free. So why then should you consider jv16 PowerTools – which is not a freeware Windows utility software but actually costs money?

As the lead developer of jv16 PowerTools, I get this question often. I hear regular Windows users asking it. I have heard it even from news editors and people who review software inside the tech industry. That is why I wanted to write this.

Why consider jv16 PowerTools?

This is why:

jv16 PowerTools cleans better

System Cleaner jv16 PowerTools

It is relatively easy to just make a pretty user interface and add bold claims about how a product can do amazing things. It is also very easy to make a basic software product to clean Windows and uninstall software. You could outsource someone to make you a registry cleaner software with these features for less than a thousand dollars.

It could even look pretty with all the bells and whistles and animations. But it would be very bad at cleaning.

This is because it is very difficult to make a product that actually performs a thorough system clean and uninstall of software. The software engine must be extremely accurate. Deleting just one wrong file or registry entry can seriously damage your operating system, or any of your installed apps or games. 

These, in our line of work, are called false positives. Our number one goal is to never have false positives. And on the other hand, not detecting all the traces of installed software or all junk data from a computer would mean your software does not actually perform. These are called false negatives.

The easy way to make a system cleaning software is to clean only a very limited set of data, and just clean all of it. For example, simply deleting all files from the Windows temporary file directory at C:\Windows\Temp\. This is trivially easy to do, but it is not good enough for us and it should not be good enough for you.

Let me explain:

Firstly, there are dozens of possible directories for temporary data. Not only the common ones like C:\Windows\Temp\ and C:\Temp\. 

To detect all of them, we must also take into account different versions of Windows, the differences between 32 bit and 64 bit systems as well as localized, non English versions of Windows. On top of this, some common programs use temporary data folders specific to them.

Secondly, simply deleting all data from the temporary file folders would be a very bad idea. There is a reason why systems use temporary files. They are actually needed, they are merely only needed for a short period of time, but it does not mean they are useless. Simply deleting all files from the temporary file folders will usually be fine, but if you do that often enough, one day it will cause damage to your system. For example, a program you are installing does not fully install because the data it was using and temporarily storing was suddenly deleted by some system cleaning application. If this software happens to install for example device drivers and a “system cleaning app” deletes its temporary files at the wrong time, you may end up with a non booting Windows.

We want to do things perfectly, for the benefit of our users. 

The above is only a brief overview about deleting temporary files. That is only a very small part of all the analysis and cleaning that jv16 PowerTools does. But something as simple as deleting temporary files is actually very critical to do the correct way.

Explaining every detail of every cleaning module in jv16 PowerTools would take a very long time. So, instead of that, how about I show you exactly what this better cleaning means in practice.

jv16 PowerTools cleans better – the evidence

We are constantly testing our software to ensure it meets the highest levels of accuracy.

This is an actual, real life test where we had Windows inside a VirtualBox virtual machine. A set of popular software was installed to the system, the software was uninstalled incorrectly and then popular Windows cleaning software was run to see how many of the left-over files and registry keys they could detect. 

This way we can reset the system to an identical state with all files and registry data restored after trying each software. We compared a few well known Windows cleaning products and instead of simply counting how many errors or junk files each product finds, we actually analyzed how they perform.

For the full overview of our test and results (and our testing methods) read our PC Cleaner Comparison Test.

jv16 PowerTools uninstalls better

Software Uninstaller jv16 powertools

Uninstalling software from Windows is another thing which seems trivially easy, but the better you want to do it, the more difficult it becomes. Everyone knows you can simply open the Windows Control Panel and from there, list all the apps and click Uninstall. This will completely remove a software from your system, right? No. Not at all. The only thing this actually does is that it calls the uninstall module of the specific app. It is entirely up to the developers of the app you are uninstalling to uninstall their software from your system.

Very often, the default uninstaller of software fails. Usually it fails badly, leaving a lot of files and registry data behind. If you try out many programs and games and uninstall them after testing them, your computer can start to feel slow and sluggish. That is not your imagination. That is literally the cumulative effect of each of those apps installing data and then failing to clean up properly when you ask them to uninstall.

Most other software uninstallers simply do the exact same thing Windows does. Clicking the Uninstall button only calls for the software’s own uninstallation application. Everything else in the app is simply smoke and mirrors, trying to convince users there is something more going on, when there is not.

Have you noticed how many software uninstallers seem to produce a list of installed software very fast? That is probably because they are not really scanning your entire system to find the software and traces of old software for you. If they do this, it will take more than a few seconds, even on a fast computer.

This is how jv16 PowerTools is different: 

Our Software Uninstaller does not simply show you the official list of installed software. The same that Windows Control Panel shows you. Instead, jv16 PowerTools actually uses its own custom engine to scan your entire system, including all hard drives, of any traces of installed software. This is why it takes around thirty seconds to show you the list of installed software. And this is why jv16 PowerTools can typically find a lot more installed software than other programs.

When you decide to uninstall software with jv16 PowerTools, it will first run the software’s own uninstaller. The same thing Windows Control Panel or other programs would do. The easy part. Of course, we do that too! 

After this is completed, jv16 PowerTools then uses its own custom software uninstallation engine to actually analyze your entire system for any data left behind by the default uninstallation.

This is why, in my humble opinion (and 20+ years of experience), jv16 PowerTools offers a superior software uninstallation quality, compared to other programs.

But please, do not take my word on it. Let me show you:

Here is a test we did – and a test you can easily reproduce if you wish to do so! 

In this test we installed some common programs to a Windows 10 computer, then used three popular software uninstallers to uninstall the programs and verified each by searching the system afterwards for how much data was still left behind.

In these real world tests, no other software came even close to how well jv16 PowerTools performed.

And I urge you, please repeat these tests yourself. See for yourself, I am sure you will be happy with the results jv16 PowerTools provides you. 

You can even use the free trial version of jv16 PowerTools to do a complete system clean. 

Our free trial does not have any nag screens or feature limitations. It never has and never will do.

jv16 PowerTools has superior quality control

We currently employ three full time, dedicated, in-house employees whose only job is to ensure jv16 PowerTools runs perfectly. Every working day, they install the product to different types of computers including tablets and laptops, to different versions of Windows and on systems with different sets of software installed. We have a collection of systems we’ve curated to simulate certain work environments and we have old work laptops we bought used for real-world use case testing.

After each test, our staff manually collect the log files and send them to our central quality control server. In there, we have our own custom built software which automatically analyzes each log file generated by running jv16 PowerTools in each test environment. 

The automated analysis ensures there are no error codes detected, that the program did not crash, it ran within the given speed requirements and that there were no false positives detected from the test environment.

This combination of manual testing with visual inspection of each test, and automated analysis of log files ensures jv16 PowerTools stays safe and effective to use.

We are monitoring every critical parameter of software quality before each public release of our software. Before we release anything, the version has to pass multiple levels of manual and automated quality control tests. If any of these tests fail, we fix the problem and start all of our testing again.

How large a team of dedicated software quality control and testing staff do you think most freeware programs employ? jv16 PowerTools is priced as fair as we can manage to cover our overheads. Imagine the cost in your time and lost data if you use a poorly tested system cleaning software and it destroys your Windows or other data?

We care about you and your computer

If you use jv16 PowerTools, you are not using a product made by a nameless outsourced programmer from China or India. Nor are you using a program made by a mega corporation, who is offering it to you for free so they can try to upsell you whatever their corporate overlords decide and push you with ads and bundled software.

If you use jv16 PowerTools, you are using a software that was first created in 1999. By me. 

I was just 16 years old when I started doing this. Hence the name “jv16”, if you ever wondered. I started to develop this software – then called RegCleaner – because I had a passion for making Windows work better. After 20 years, I still have the passion.

If there is anything in the product you do not like, you can let me know and I will do everything that I can to make it better for you. Do you remember the time when you sent a feature request to a mega corporation and they included that feature to the next version of their software? Yeah, that didn’t happen. But I run a small company. I truly care about the users. I read and apply user feedback and new ideas from our users and in our forums on a regular basis. That is what I love to do.

Real people, real support and a real community

We have real people answering your support requests. If you buy jv16 PowerTools, you get access to real In-house technical support, not outsourced.

This is what our customers say about our program and technical support:

When you use jv16 PowerTools, you also belong to a community. You can see our discussion forum. Myself, and our other staff are there daily to communicate with our users. Even if someone has a problem with the product or does not like something, we allow that kind of discussion, too. Of course! We love the feedback – any negative comments will show us what we need to still improve and make better. We will never censor any negative feedback from our discussion forum.

These are, in short (or quite long winded), the reasons why I believe jv16 PowerTools is worth your consideration.

I am, as I said before, the lead developer of this product. Therefore I understand if you want to take anything I say with a grain of salt. I am not asking you to believe what I say on its face value. But I am asking you to try jv16 PowerTools yourself. See the comparisons how we compared to other products and repeat these tests. 

Please don’t choose a product because of its fancy user interface or unsubstantiated claims. Make a smart decision based on what actually works. If you do that, I am certain jv16 PowerTools will be a top running candidate for your needs.

And, unlike so many other software companies out there: we even offer a fully functional free trial. That means you can use every single feature of the program and perform a full clean of your system. No nag screens, No bundled software and no nonsense.

Therefore, I am confident: You have nothing to lose by trying jv16 PowerTools right now.

Best Regards,