jv16 PowerTools Update Released – Version

Release Notes

An updated version of jv16 PowerTools has been released. The latest version number is

Change Log Since Build 484

Bug Fixes

  1. Choosing to clean the cookie or history data of only some browsers in the Settings window can cause the System Cleaner not to clean any browser cookie or history data.
  2. The “Congratulations! No errors or unneeded data found from your computer” message may get stuck in a loop and displayed over and over again after the System Cleaner.
  3. The top one pixel of the message box window’s buttons many not be visible if the system is using higher than 100% font size setting in Windows.
  4. Fixed a misspelled word “erros” from the English user interface (should be “errors”).
  5. The check for multiple program instances is not always working, allowing user to run multiple instances of the program at the same time.
  6. Internet Optimizer can edit the DNS settings set by installed VPN or internet security software suite. This has now been addressed by detecting these settings and informing user that the Internet Optimizer cannot be run in this case.
  7. Running the Software Uninstaller can display an error message relating to converting date. This is a very rare issue, happening in under one system in one hundred.
  8. The scan progress screen can display lines starting with an empty space character. This is a cosmetic issue but fixed now nevertheless.
  9. The program can display gray color panels behind texts if user is using Windows with the classic theme or high contrast theme enabled.
  10. Uninstallation of software with the Software Uninstaller can display the warning message of uninstalled software being similar to another software multiple times.
  11. The System Cleaner can list firewall policy registry entries which are recreated by Windows.
  12. Adding a drive letter to the Ignore List will not prevent software from that hard drive being listed in the Software Uninstaller.
  13. Closing the program too soon after running the Initial Setup can cause the Initial Setup to be run again on the next time the program is started.
  14. System Cleaner’s check boxes are incorrectly aligned if user’s system is using large fonts in Windows settings.
  15. The program can fail to detect installed browsers in some systems and this causes the browser cleaning options of these browsers not to be visible in the Settings > System Cleaner and also not run during System Cleaner.
  16. Some texts from the user interface cannot be translated, i.e. they do not exist in the English.txt file.
  17. The color of the background panels in System Cleaner’s report screen can be incorrect.
  18. The program does not correctly Windows language if it was changed by the user. For example, if you installed English Windows but then downloaded a Windows language pack to change its language to Polish, jv16 PowerTools will not automatically detect and load the Polish translation.
  19. The program does not close itself if it is still running when user starts the uninstallation of jv16 PowerTools.
  20. Clicking to Abort a scan may cause it to get stuck to a screen with text “Starting …”
  21. Cleaning browser history data could cause browser bookmarks also be removed or altered in some rare cases.

Feature Improvements:

  1. System Cleaner now lists all the browser history and cookie data per domain, allowing you to choose what data to exactly clear.
  2. The trial reminder or license information text at the bottom right corner of the main window is no longer clickable during the scan progress screen to avoid accidental clicks.
  3. Improved the smoothness of scrolling the System Cleaner and Software Uninstaller result lists.
  4. Improved the scan progress screen’s user interface smoothness. It should now show and update with far less element sizes being changed for no reason.
  5. The Settings window’s Domain Whitelist and Global Ignore List features now automatically remove unneeded rows of data. For example, if you would enter “jv16 PowerTools” and “jv16” to the Global Ignore List, the row “jv16 PowerTools” would be automatically removed as it is already included in the row “jv16”.
  6. Some users have been confused by the Invalid Metadata errors found by the System Cleaner, thinking that such error means that the file mentioned would be deleted by the System Cleaner. This is not the case. For example, if the System Cleaner reports that Explorer.exe has invalid metadata, it does not mean the file would be deleted. Instead, the System Cleaner would only fix its invalid metadata from the file system record.
  7. Improved VPN and firewall and internet security software detection.
  8. Internet Optimizer now refuses to start if the system is using local network based DNS to prevent any compatibility issues, for example with locally run network solution, VPNs, internet security software or locally run servers.
  9. If you enter full URLs to the Domain Whitelist in the Settings window, the program will now know how to process them and only add the domain names.
  10. Added an option to delete unused translations and clear jv16 PowerTools cache files (Tools > Maintenance menu).
  11. Added an information text to My Account’s user interface to inform the user that an internet connection is required. This is not shown if a connection has already been detected.
  12. Attempting to activate a license in My Account without newsletter subscription setting will now automatically scroll the setting into view.
  13. System Cleaner will now show more information messages relating to the found items. These were designed to address some of the common misconceptions of the results.

How to update:

If you are using any recent jv16 PowerTools (5.0.0.x) – simply download and install the new version over the old version. No uninstallation is required or recommended.

If you are using an older version, please uninstall it before installing the new version, or install the new version to another directory.


Join the discussion:

You can join our discussion forum – New jv16 Powertools build thread for sharing your comments of this new version.


Common questions:

  1. How can I update to the latest version of jv16 PowerTools?
  2. What license do I own? Can I update to the latest version of jv16 PowerTools?
  3. Who is entitled for a free update to the latest version jv16 PowerTools?
  4. How can I subscribe to your mailing-list?
  5. How can I unsubscribe from your mailing-list?
  6. Where can I download the translation files for jv16 PowerTools?


1. How can I update to the latest version of jv16 PowerTools?

jv16 PowerTools now comes with an auto update feature:

Please run PT and then close it to execute the auto update. It checks the version you have locally and if it is older than the latest, it automatically updates.

After you start PT the next time you see an info popup that you were updated plus it will display the Change Log (from the WP admin area).

If you own an active license and need to install the new version and activate it:

  • Download the free trial version of jv16 PowerTools.
  • Install jv16 PowerTools
  • Open jv16 PowerTools and access the My Account tool
  • Enter your name and email address into the My Account tool. Be sure to use the same information you used with your order!

After you have entered your information, the My Account tool will automatically download and install your license, and convert the trial version to the full version.


2. What license do I own? Can I update to the latest version of jv16 PowerTools?

If you are unsure what license you own, please use the Find My Licenses tool from within jv16 PowerTools, after installing the latest version of the product.

The tool lists all your previous orders and tells you about your licensing options.


3. Who is entitled for a free update to the latest version of jv16 PowerTools?

Anyone can update to the latest jv16 PowerTools, however you can only use it if you have an active license, or are currently within the 14 day free trial period.


4. How can I subscribe to your mailing list?

To signup to our newsletter, all you need to do is enter your name and email address in the provided form on our download page. Then click to download the product (if you haven’t already done so).

If you already have jv16 PowerTools installed, you can also sign up from within the app.


5. How can I unsubscribe from your mailing list?

You can unsubscribe from our mailing list by using the unsubscribe link provided inside every newsletter sent out.


6. Where can I download the translation files for jv16 PowerTools?

The new jv16 PowerTools, comes with the following translations built in.
It will automatically switch if any match with your computers main language or default to English otherwise:

Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish.

New users:

How to install jv16 PowerTools

Download and run the software’s installation file to install jv16 PowerTools to your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions.

All new users of jv16 PowerTools will receive a fully functional, 14 day trial version of the product. It contains no bundled software, no adware, no nonsense!

By entering your full name and e-mail address during product setup, you will be subscribed to our periodic newsletter. That’s all we ask: to stay in touch! We honestly value your privacy and offer a trust guarantee.

Technical details

Compatible with: Any PC running any version of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Fully supports 64 bit systems.


If your question hasn’t yet been answered in any listed above, please open a new support ticket and we will be glad to assist!