New freeware program and user survey!

Macecraft Software has today launched a new freeware product called Decrap my Computer. It’s a lightweight, standalone program for performing unattended uninstallation of software. The program has been especially designed for easy removal of the pre-installed software of new PC’s. For more information and the download link, please see:

The Press Release:

New freeware program to remove pre-installed bloatware

Decrap my Computer is a lightweight, user friendly and free tool to remove unwanted programs from your Windows PC.

Developed by the makers of the award winning jv16 PowerTools Windows Utility Suite, Decrap is an extremely easy to use tool which helps users to remove bloatware, crapware or any unwanted programs from their computers. All you need to do is select the programs you want to get rid of and Decrap my Computer does just that. After the programs have been uninstalled using their own respective installers, Decrap uses its own uninstallation engine to ensure that no traces of the program are left behind.

Decrap my Computer has been especially designed for easy and safe removal of all the bloatware that comes pre-installed by the manufacturer on a new Windows PC. It can take hours or even days to get all the pre-installed software removed from your new computer, but with this little freeware utility you can completely uninstall all the unneeded software without any user input!

Pre-installed bloatware like this is often deeply integrated into the Windows operating system. Trying to remove it by simply deleting the installation folders not only means you may not get rid of it all, but can also result in other important programs not functioning properly.

The software is not, however, only for new computers, you can use it to uninstall software from any older computers too! And oh, it’s free for personal and commercial use.

I know, usually when something is given away for free, it’s not always all that good. It’s either low quality or comes with some nasty surprises like ads or spyware. But Decrap my Computer doesn’t.

Says Jouni Flemming, the lead developer with Macecraft.

We have a valid reason for giving away Decrap as freeware: Decrap is based on the award-winning jv16 PowerTools Windows utility suite. We want to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a bloatware free Windows. And if you think that Decrap is cool, you may want to check out our commercial product jv16 PowerTools as well. Other than this humble suggestion to check out our commercial product, there is no catch.

Installation Instructions:

Simply go to and click on the download link to get your own version of the Decarp program. With a file size of just around 5 MB, the Decarp software downloads in no time. Furthermore, the software does not contain any sort of adware or spyware.

The software is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. It fully supports both 32 and 64 bit systems.

For more information, please contact:

Veera Peltonen (Ms.) Public Relations & Marketing
Email: veera.peltonen@jv16powertools
Phone: (647)774-7149 (for press only, not for technical support)

Also: An User Survey! Cool!

We are also launching our User Survey of 2013. We would like to hear what you think of how we are doing and what we should do in the future.

It takes only a few minutes to answer, and we will give out a free personal license to ten randomly selected users who fill in the survey (and enter their contact details, which you do not have to do if you do not want to). To fill in the survey, please go to: https://www.jv16powertools/survey/index.php/276557/lang-en