jv16 PowerTools 7.5 Release Date Announcement

Exciting times ahead here at Macecraft Software, as we are nearing the release of Version 7.5 with the date now scheduled for July 21st.

These past few months, we have been working extra hard in preparing what is going to be the biggest new version release of jv16 PowerTools in years.

While every effort has gone into improving all aspects of our current tools, we now have two brand new features.

Something none of our competitors offer at all.

1) System Fixer.

A new tool that is focused only on finding and fixing Windows errors. Not only can the tool detect and fix generic errors such as broken shortcuts from your desktop or wrong folder attributes, it also scans the system for common known issues. The next time you have a computer problem, say, the Windows Update doesn’t work or you get an error message when starting up the computer, you can give System Fixer a try. It may be able to fix the issues automatically for you!

jv16 powertools system fixer preview

2) Quick Finder.

Simply put, Quick Finder is our replacement for Windows Search.

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to find something from Windows. Did you download a file but you are not sure where did it go?

You could type the filename to Windows Search and let it crunch for five minutes only to find you a suggestion of a web search with Bing. Or, you can use the new Quick Finder with jv16 PowerTools and it can find or open the file for you in seconds.

Quick Finder is available within the program but also in the Widget, so you can have it always visible on your desktop, always ready to go!

jv16 powertools quickfinder

We’re confident this is the best work we have achieved in the entire history of Macecraft Software and jv16 PowerTools. We cannot wait to have this in the hands of our customers old and new alike.

If you want to get the best out of your Windows PC, give jv16 PowerTools a try or buy today. Prices start from just $19 USD.

Trustpilot 5 Star Rating

I have been a user of PowerTools since AOL’s Homework for Kids. Approximately 1996 and have always found their support to be top-notched.

It’s a great program and I give it my total endorsement.

Try it, you’ll like it.

A M Schwarz