How Many Programs You Need To Automatically Load During Startup

What is  “Automatically load during startup”?

Press the start button of any Windows PC and more often than not, you would be waiting for an average of seven to 10 minutes until the automatic loading of programs in Windows gets completed.

This is a common issue faced by any typical Windows PC user!

Software installed today on end user PCs usually have a default check-box setting ‘Automatically load during startup’ enabled. Some programs install a bunch of other programs by default, and they also get added to the startup menu to be loaded automatically. Thus, you tend to lose precious minutes waiting for programs like three to four instant messengers and other random software to load before starting to actually use your PC.

Techies and experts concur that on an average, users should keep just under six programs configured to be automatically load during startup. These typically recommended programs include wireless assistant, antivirus programs, firewall, anti-spyware, and an email client. Everything else could and should be disabled from loading automatically at startup.

How to prevent programs to automatically load during startup?

Disabling programs from automatic startup is usually unknown territory for a regular computer user. Disabling can be done manually, but requires time as well as effort. For doing it the hard way, start by typing ‘msconfig’ in the Windows ‘run’ panel. After going to the ‘Startup’ tab, select the programs to be disabled and then click the ‘disable’ button.

Some programs are trickier to remove from the automatic startup. They require additional steps to be taken such as deleting DLL file references from the registry or other advanced user workarounds. The Windows Registry is a very important part of the operating system and should be handled very carefully. Any incorrect changes made to the registry could result in the system being corrupted or even unable to be used, possibly resulting in corrupt data or even data loss.

Is there any tool that can help me?

An amazing alternative to removing programs from the automatic startup menu is by using the ‘Startup Manager’ tool built into jv16 PowerTools. This tool extracts the required information of the startup programs and displays both the executable files which run at startup time, as well as the dynamic libraries being loaded (.dll files). With a simple click, the unnecessary programs that get pre-loaded during startup could be disabled.

Even the trickier ‘hard to remove’ programs can be disabled this way. This is because jv16 PowerTools X removes the required files from the Windows Registry as well, so that the disabling of unwanted programs from startup could be done effectively. This is why jv16 PowerTools X is highly popular among professionals as well.

jv16 PowerTools X also has the option to Uninstall and Remove unnecessary programs or leftover programs using the ‘Software Uninstaller’ tool. Using this method, even programs whose uninstaller will not work can be safely removed. Some other useful tools include Clean and Fix My Computer, Speed up My Computer’s Startup, Immunize My Computer and Decrap My Computer.

Try jv16 PowerTools and stop waiting for programs to load, while saving time and effort!