Do Something About Your Computer Clutter

You get up in the morning. Start your PC. And wait. And wait some more… Grab a coffee and wait a little bit more. Finally, after endless minutes, your Windows loaded completely. “Hey, let me check Facebook to see what happened overnight.” You click on your favorite browser icon… And wait. And you wait some more. It’s loading.

Now processing…

You were already impatient… but now? You’re PISSED! And I understand completely. (thank God I didn’t have a bat nearby when I got pissed like that). But you know what? There’s something you should know… IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.

It’s not the operating system, or the browser…or Facebook. The problem is that too much clutter gathered on your computer.

Spring Cleaning Exists For A Reason

There are certain simple physics principles that govern our life.

One of them is “entropy”. Entropy is defined by “lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.” Sounds familiar? I know it does. Because every time we let things “just be”, they would become a total mess.

It’s true for your bedroom, for your office or desk. And it’s true for your computer also.

So what are the top 5 things you can do TODAY, in the easiest manner possibly, to clean your computer of clutter?

1) Uninstall Useless or Unused Software / Leftovers

How many software you installed and just forgot about them? They all pile up and slow your computer down. Might as well do something about that, right?

2) Control Which Programs Start Automatically

You just saw earlier how slow your boot can become. Not anymore. If you know how to do it, you can manually clear all the useless programs that start automatically so you can have a fresh (and easy) start…

3) Speed Up Your Computer Startup

It’s not only about the programs that run automatically. It’s also about the cache, the hidden scripts and many other “tiny” parasites that slow down your startup.

4) Clean Your Cache and Temporary Files

So many websites visited, so many software used and so many games played. They all leave temporary files behind, using cache they never delete and causing computer clutter.

5) Immunize Your Computer

You surely heard about “antiviruses” – much like pills in medicine, when you get sick. But what about “vaccines” for viruses? It’s a novel concept that protects you from many unpleasant attacks and computer infections. The worst that can happen if you don’t? You lose all your data in a flash. You don’t want that, do you?

So How Do You Do All Of That Without Going Crazy?

Let’s face it – even if you’re a computer expert, you certainly have better things to do. So how would you like a program that does all the above for you… in one-click? How would you like a program that’s so powerful, efficient and automatic that it flushes out all the bugs, waste and leftovers from your computer? So that you can have a light-speed start and your programs can load faster than ever before?

It’s easy…

jv16 PowerTools can do all of that for you – and much more!

There are features that you didn’t even think of – but here’s the gist of it…

You’ll never have to think about reinstall your Windows again. Ever. Because it runs as fast as when you first installed it. Thanks to the new and improved version of jv16 PowerTools  Get your free 30 days trial download today.