Best Windows 10 Apps for September 2017 – Back to Basics!

Everyone is more familiar with Apple’s iTunes Store. However, this Win Store is one of the best features that Window 10 inherited from its predecessor, Windows 8. In this post we’re going to recommend our current best windows 10 apps.

Furthermore, the apps in the Windows 10 store are lightweight, touch-friendly, and can run full-screen on windowed. Moreover, the apps are automatically updated and installed in multiple devices once purchased.

However, not all apps are equal. Some apps take more advantage of Windows 10 than others. Universal apps are especially better to use than even some traditional PC programs. That is because these type of apps have the ability to communicate with Windows 10 built-in notification system.

Universal apps present live information in the start menu. That is important for things like weather forecast, sport event scores, or even social media messages. Additionally, because these universal apps have to interact with OS, they are vetted to provide quality, security, and software stability.

Best Windows 10 Apps

This following list will not include PC games. Games are increasing in numbers in the Windows Store. The range of games extends from casual games like Crossy Road to more graphic demanding games, like Forza, Gears of War, and Quantum Break.

There is also Microsoft-owned Minecraft is available. Moreover, that is because the Windows Store is scheduled to merge with the XBOX Store. Ergo, games deserve a list of their own. The quality content that is being distributed in gaming is too large to put it on this list.

Lastly, this top best Windows 10 apps list will also avoid mentioning apps like OneNote, Skype, Outlook Mail, Calendars and many other Windows native apps. This list is to showcase the best of the rest.

The third-party apps that will change how you interact with your operating system. With all that said, here are the best Windows 10 apps of 2017.

Dropbox – Free or a subscription fee for extra storage

Even though OneDrive is Windows native, Dropbox is still a useful app to have. You can use the universal app across all Windows devices. Moreover, this cloud storage system still excels at synchronization when updating or modifying files stored.

Additionally, Dropbox allows you to view photos and archives in-app, as well as mark your favorites. Lastly, the app brings an auto-uploader option that allows you to upload any photos shot on any device that has Dropbox installed.

Duolingo – Free

The best free language-learning app, according to PCMag, is available at the Windows Store as a universal app. The app produces the same exercises you are accustomed seeing on the browser version.

Moreover, the app comes with 16 languages to chose from for English speakers. The same challenging but rewarding difficulty is still there along with the fun progression system. From just connecting an image to a word in a foreign language to pronouncing a foreign language, Duolingo will help you learn while keeping you engaged.

eBay – Free

The most recognisable online auction site offers a universal app that allows you to keep track of your bids in real time. You can also search, sell or buy items through its filtering option. The interface is pretty simple and inviting.

Any requests or notifications come through the Windows Action Center, which means that this is the app to have if you are an avid eBay user.

FourSquare – Free

Yelp’s rival, FourSquare became the first to release a universal app that takes advantage of the Win10 system. The app allows you to use it without an account, but you could benefit from having one anyway.

The system will learn your taste as you use it so that it can make positive recommendations. Moreover, it allows you to save your favourite places, leave commentaries about them, and like or dislike the different shops you visit.

Lastly, the app is incredibly easy to use and integrated with Bing Maps, which guarantees that you’ll never have any trouble finding the latest “it” place in town.

Facebook Messenger – Free

If you are an FB user and want to have your FB messages on all your devices, it is hard to do better than Facebook Messenger. The app is available for iOS, Android, Web, and Windows.

The Windows app features a stable platform with easy navigation. Furthermore, the app offers you to share photos, voice notes, and GIFs.

As with all the other apps integrated with Windows 10, it contains notification option that will guarantee you never miss a conversation. However, the app still lacks to option to video-call or voice-call.

Fresh Paint – Free, with in-app purchases

Paint may be the most recognised Windows OS app, but if you want to take your skills to the next level, Fresh Paint is the option for you. This app supports multi touch function, as well as realistic paint, watercolour, and pencil textures.

The basic Fun Pack is completely free. But if you want a bit more variety, the Variety Pack cost $1.49 as an in-app purchase. Fresh Paint also offers the Adventure Pack and Friends Pack for $1.99 each. This app will not replace Adobe Photoshop’s power.

But if you are looking for a simple, highly polished app with dozen canvas, paper textures, and multiple brushes this is the app for you. Once you are done creating a masterpiece, you can save it as a PNG file and send it to all your friends and art critics.

Netflix – Free

What can be said about Netflix that has not been said already? Netflix recognition is unrivalled.

The app released by the company can be used in all devices and allows you to flip between devices seamlessly as you move screens. Search for your favourite titles or just browse through genres with the easy to use interface. The app is free, but the subscription starts at $7.99 per month.

PicsArt -Free, with in-app purchases

PicsArt offers a photoshop-style selection of option regarding the editing of digital images.

You can work on pictures from your camera roll or even from an online account. The app contains a, virtually, endless effects for photos and it also allows you to create a drawing from scratch. One PicsArt strength is the collage option. But if you are more into filters and noise reduction, the app will please you beyond your imagination.

PicsArt is the app to use to change and edit photos as you wish.

Polarr – Free; Pro version $19.99

Staying in the realm of photography, Polarr is another photography-related app to consider. This app offers a raw camera file that allows you to adjust lighting and colour. Polarr also comes with a clear and touch friendly interface that boasts with effect filters.

The app contains a guide mode that will help you show how to use the app and improve photos. The free version will satisfy most users. But if you want to upgrade to the pro version, you can create your filters on top of multiple other options.

The Weather Channel -Free

The native Windows Weather App is good enough if all you care is glancing at the weather. But if you want a more precise knowledge of what might happen during the day, the Weather Channel app is the one for you.

The app can notify you if there is a severe weather watch, tornado alert, rain, or breaking news that might be relevant for your weekend plans.

Lastly, the Weather Channel app takes full advantage of Cortana voice control.That means you can ask the app to show you the forecast or how the weather will be at the place you are planning to visit.

Twitter – Free

Twitter is the place where conversation flows freely between thousands of users at a time.

The Windows 10 app supports everything you may want from the microblogging service. That includes access to multiple accounts, video uploads, pictures uploads (and you can tag people on them), and location share.

Moreover, you can save drafts, edit your profile, and switch between the light and dark themes. The app will notify you according to your notification settings.

Telegram – Free

A somewhat underrated app service in the western world, Telegram is quite popular in Eastern Europe and multiple other places across the planet. The biggest advantage of the app relies on its end-to-end encryption, which is something Whatsapp is still struggling to offer.

The app provides the ability to share images, GIFs, videos, files, and watch links in-app. The mobile version also permits users to send video messages and do encrypted phone calls, so you know a third party is not hearing your conversations.

Lastly, Telegram offers the option of creating self-destruct conversations, IFTT integration, and create groups of 1,000 people or more.

WolframAlpha – $2.99

The best investment you can do if you are in the fields of mathematics, geology, astronomy, or biology. The app allows you to compare areas, masses, and dimensions using its vast databank.

There is also information about music, health, nutrition, transportation, and multiple other topics that might interest you. Moreover, that massive number of statistics and quotable sources found in this app makes it perfect for students looking to simplify their workload.

Wunderlist – Free. Pro version $4.99/month or $49.99/year

Wunderlist is the app for those who want to keep track of their task across all devices. Wunderlist is easy to use.

You can enter all the items you need to complete and prioritise them as you see fit. The interface is customizable, allowing you to switch between 16 different backgrounds. The app also allows you to create Smart List, which showcases the tasks that need to be done this week, today, or that have started already.

Because Wunderlist is a universal app, everything you add in the app will be synchronised to the calendar. Never lose track of what you have to do with Wunderlist.