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Best Free PC Optimization Software of 2018 Previewed

Fast start-up and speed of operation are two of the best things about a new PC. After all, you want your PC to run at full capacity. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cheap laptop or a powerful desktop gaming computer. But that speed usually does not last long. Every PC slows down, and it can happen suddenly. That’s where the best free PC optimization software deserve the tryout.

All computers end up losing the effectiveness of that first day. They become slow, unresponsive and unreliable. The operating system becomes saturated as programs are added and deleted incompletely. Behind are drivers and all kinds of waste in the OS. Your hard drive ends up filled with forgotten files. Programs create large blocks of cache that we don’t know of.

At a certain point, our full hard drive drowns when the operating system tries to run. The outdated drivers stop working correctly. Toolbars and other junk plug-ins can make our browsers unusable. It is then when you need the best free pc optimizer.

We often consider buying a new PC in two scenarios. When our computers become so run down that we can’t even use Microsoft Word. Also, when Steam games lose the speed and efficiency we were accustomed to. It’s a drastic decision that is usually unnecessary. Instead, you can get a “like the first day” performance for a dozen dollars.

You will no longer spend hundreds or thousands, thanks to a relatively inexpensive tool: a PC optimization utility.

What is an optimization utility?

Rememeber your computer at it’s peak performance? That’s what an optimization utily can do: analyse your system, find and solve problems. It can perform various functions including hard disk defragmentation, repairing the Windows Registry and eliminating duplicate, unusable files.

Some tune-up utilities perform only those basic functions, while more elaborate ones add numerous features that improve your computer in many other ways. Many of the utilities automatically fetch new drivers, shred, schedule and backup automatically.

Advantages of use

An optimization utility can perform a variety of tasks to keep your computer running smoothly.  Below is a list of some of the possible fixes and enhancements that can be made to your computer:

  • Optimize the computer’s registry
  • Increase Internet connectivity speed
  • Reduce Hard drive fragmentation (especially for non-SSD drives)
  • Increase overall computer operation speed
  • Reduce the overall computer boot time
  • Optimize various system settings otherwise unknown to end-users
  • Fix generic computer errors resulted from use of faulty software
  • Update system drivers and provide overall performance reports

As we use a computer, it keeps a series of temporary files and configurations. In the long run, they cause the processor to start slow, inadequately and even show us all kinds of errors. Although Windows usually has a series of individual functions to optimize its performance, in many cases, it’s necessary to resort to a PC optimizer.

How to choose a good PC optimizer?

First of all, you will need to ask yourself what do you need it for.

  • Can it optimize your Internet connection speed?
  • Does it make back-ups?
  • Can you defragment your drives with it?
  • Does it analyze your hardware?
  • Can it remove bloatware?
  • Is it user friendly?

Recommendations for the best free PC optimization software

System Mechanic

This has a freeware and Pro version and is one of the most highly rated PC optimization programs for Windows. The Pro version includes some more advanced modules with anti-virus, internet connection tweaker, Windows customization and search and recovery tools.

System Mechanic has an intuitive UI design that includes most of the software’s tools and options within a left sidebar. It gives you a system status overview that highlights things that need fixing, such as registry issues, junk files or fragmented hard drive.

With the software’s startup manager users can remove the software that starts up when your computer turns on, to speed up boot times. In addition, you can also speed up Windows with System Mechanic’s RAM optimizer that defrags RAM. It can fix invalid registry entries, and that also comes with backup and restore options. Other tools: fixes invalid shortcuts, repair internet connections and defrag hard disks.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

This software is a stripped down version of WinOptimizer 14, which has more extensive file management and system maintenance tools.

WinOptimizer Free has Drive Cleaner, Registry Optimizer and Internet Cleaner tools for system maintenance. It also has a useful shortcut to run those tools simultaneously.  WinOptimizer’s Startup-Tuner is another system maintenance tool with which you can disable Windows services and edit startup items.

You can schedule an optimization runs and save the most frequently used modules in Favorites for quicker access. In addition, you can split up, encrypt and recover files. It also includes handy Windows customization and file management tools.


You can use this software to free up hundreds of megabytes of disk space, remove software, manage startup items and repair possible errors.

The freeware version of CCleaner lacks some of the file recovery,scheduling and disk defragmentation tools included in the Professional Plus package, but it still has a few useful options.

CCleaner’s primary tools are its flexible hard disk and registry cleaners, which you can configure to delete a variety of more specific file and registry items. You can also select specific folders or files to either delete or exclude from system scans and clean up third party software file items.

WinUtilities Free

It’s an all-in-one PC optimizer with a freeware and Pro edition.  The UI design of both editions is very similar, but the File Undelete, Task Scheduler and Duplicate Files Finder only work in the Pro version, which also has free technical support.

WinUtilities Free has 25 modules that consist of PC optimization, clean up and repair, files & folders, registry and other system tools. Users can select Registry Defrag, Disk Defrag, Startup Cleaner, RAM optimizer and BHO (Browser Helper Objects) Remover tools.

Also, the software includes a Disk Cleaner to remove junk data, Registry Cleaner to fix invalid registry entries, Shortcut Fixer and Uninstall Manager. In addition, registry tools can split and merge files, analyze disk space, back up the registry and remove and restore context menu options.

Most of the clean up and defrag tools are incorporated in an 1-Click Maintenance option.

What is our recommended solution?

If you want to make a comparison between the software described above and our own optimization tool, jv16 PowerTools, you can read more on the blog. There, you can find extensive benchmark reports that will shed a light on the best free PC optimization software.