jv16 PowerTools 1.4 released

jv16 PowerTools 1.4 released

Espoo, Finland – July 14, 2003.

Macecraft Software today released a new version of the award winning jv16 PowerTools. After a long period of development and testing the jv16 PowerTools 1.4 is now finally ready. It represents a new generation of system maintenance utilities for the Microsoft Windows environment.

The new version contains major improvements and new features, such as the registry monitor and the file cleaner. The version 1.4 also contains a new and highly improved user interface as well as new documentation. With the new features and improvements the jv16 PowerTools 1.4 is one of the best system maintenance tools available for Windows environments. Read more about its new features.

The 1.3.x series gave the user ability to create jv16 PowerTools scripts, this concept has been developed further with the new release by allowing users to create scripts using the very easy to use Script Wizard. This feature is specially designed for home users, you don’t have to know anything about scripting, the Wizard can do everything for you. The support of scripts has also been improved, the script engine has been optimized to execute scripts faster and more stable. The new version supports over 320 script commands, they will give you fast and easy to use access to the system registry and to the file system.

Macecraft Software strongly believes in serving users with their own language and the jv16 PowerTools 1.4 continues this policy, it’s available in all major languages including English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish. More translations will be released within the next few weeks. Thanks to the open translation interface anyone can easily create their own translations.

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