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jv16 PowerTools is a Windows system utilities suite. Originally, the program was called RegCleaner and it was released in 1998 as a freeware program. In the early 2000’s, the program was renamed to jv16 PowerTools and converted from freeware to shareware, selling for $29.95 for a copy.

The program’s name comes from the initials of its original author, Jouni Vuorio plus the age of 16 when he started to develop it. He has since legally changed his last name to Flemming, which is an old surname of his family.

The company that develops jv16 PowerTools is called Macecraft Software, which was founded by Jouni Flemming in 2002 and he is still the lead developer of the product. The company is registered and operating from Finland.

The product is not a registry cleaner, a system cleaner or a temp file cleaner. The product is a Windows utility suite that contains many features and tools, including the System Cleaner tool, which also performs Windows registry cleaning and temporary file cleaning.

The name of the product is jv16 PowerTools, not “Jv16 PowerTools”, “JV16 PowerTools” or “jv 16 Power Tools”. Please notice the lower case capitalization of “jv16”, including when the product name starts a sentence.

For more information, please see our Review Guide:

Key Features

System Cleaner

  • Cleans unneeded files and registry data.
  • Allows cleaning of browser history and cookie data on domain by domain basis.
  • Looks for common system errors such as registry errors and broken shortcuts and allows all of them to be fixed.
  • Does not only clean junk but also fixes errors.
  • Full of unique safety features, for example, does not list registry data of currently installed apps.

Standout Feature: Accurate analysis with the focus on safety.

jv16 PowerTools System Cleaner
jv16 PowerTools Software Uninstaller

Software Uninstaller

  • Allows unattended uninstallation of multiple apps at the same time.
  • Lists all files, folders, shortcuts and registry data relating to the installed apps.
  • Uninstallation first uses each app’s own uninstaller and then Software Uninstaller’s custom uninstallation engine to ensure nothing is left behind.

Standout Feature: Unattended uninstallation of multiple apps at the same time and does not rely on each app’s own uninstaller.

Big File Finder

  • Finds big, disk space wasting files.
  • Supports skipping new or recently used files.

Standout Feature: More flexible set of options to allow the user to find exactly the files they want.

jv16 PowerTools Big File Finder (Press)

Additional Features

Easy to use with a wide array of useful features. For example, searching the list of found items, filtering the result list, saving the results to list with a support for multiple file formats.

The program supports Dark Mode user interface and high resolution screens.

The program is easy to use, but it is a powerful tool for computer enthusiasts and professionals. This means it is extremely configurable with options such as hiding tools the user does not wish to use, disabling all online accessing features like checking for updates, and protecting the program installation with a password.

The program has a fully multilingual user interface and currently ships in: English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

jv16 PowerTools Dark Mode Dashboard (Press)
Our Promise

No Bloatware

jv16 PowerTools does not and will not ever include any bundled software or malware.

We have been in this business for over 20 years. Our integrity is our strength. Our product is never going to include any bundled software, hidden malware features like trojan horses or spyware.

Useful Resources

The official website of jv16 PowerTools and Macecraft Software is:

We no longer use any of our old domains, such as Any old links pointing to our old domains should be updated.

The most recent, official version of jv16 PowerTools is always located at:

We do not use a version number in the installation file URL, because if we did, anyone linking to the product’s installer file would need to update their links after every new version update. If you wish to use an URL with a version number, these are also available in the format of:

For example:

Archive of old product versions is available here:

Screenshots of the current official version of jv16 PowerTools are always available here:

The zip file contains both the normal mode and Dark Mode screenshots. You are hereby granted the right for free to use the above official screenshots of the product in your website and other publications.

The screenshots, the logo and the icon are also available in this publicly accessible directory:

jv16 PowerTools Review Guide:

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