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You asked, we listened!

If you don’t have a PayPal account or you simply don’t wish to use PayPal to purchase our software then you can pay now using direct credit card, thanks to our implementation of the Stripe payment processor. Quickly becoming the new standard in online payments, Stripe handles billions of dollars in payments for forward-thinking businesses around the world. Scroll down and make sure to go through the steps needed to checkout using your credit card below.

This page offers you the details needed to checkout jv16 PowerTools securely, even if you don’t have or don’t want to use a PayPal account. Stripe doesn’t require an account to pay!

Here is how you can pay securely using your credit card


If for one reason or another you don’t want to use PayPal (we received numerous customer requests that kindly asked us for an alternative payment method) then here is how you can pay using your credit card directly, worry free, using the security offered by the Stripe payment processor (no account needed):

  1. Enter your details to continue
  2. Review your order
  3. Choose payment method and continue to payment

Done? Once your order has been confirmed, you can instantly download the invoice associated with your purchase. The order confirmation page will offer you a shortcut link for you to do so.

Step 1: Enter your details to continue


In the image below, you can see the form that you should complete as the first step of the checkout. We are asking your details as the first step, so we can offer all our already existing customers a discounted price. If you have ever bought anything from us before, enter the same name and e-mail address, and you will receive a special price.

Step 2: Review your order


Once you have entered your details, notice that the checkout Step 2 has been unlocked. A screenshot of the checkout features found in this step can be seen below. If you wish to checkout now, click here. In the step pictured above, you can select the number of computers for which you wish to license jv16 PowerTools as well as your preferred payment plan. To obtain an overall lower Grand Total price on your order, you should choose to subscribe instead of paying just once. This ensures perpetual license renewal and also grants you with a discount on product pricing.Most of our personal use customers choose to license jv16 PowerTools for 3 – 5 computers and the most used payment plan is “Billed every 2 years”. This means that you will pay now the amount needed to license your copy of jv16 PowerTools for the selected number of computers and again once every 2 years.

Automatic license renewal helps you to forget about having to renew your license yearly and ensures product updates and upgrades are delivered to your installation during the entire period in which your license is active. Once you have selected your desired number of computers to clean and speedup using jv16 PowerTools and the interval at which you wish your license to be renewed, you will be given the chance to select one or more additional order addons. These addons consist of services offered by our company that other customers have also bought recently and that may prove useful to you:

  • VIP Technical Support – VIP users are always top of the list when technical support requests are handled.
  • PC Optimization Expert – If your computer is acting weird or if you simply wish to get the best performance out of it then this service is for you! Once this service has been purchased, one of our technical support staff members will be in touch to schedule a remote computer repair session for you. VIP users get to work directly with our Chief of Support.
  • Express Install – Just purchased jv16 PowerTools but don’t want to go over the main features all by yourself? Our technical support staff members will be in touch to schedule a remote installation of your newly purchased software, guiding you through the Initial Setup process and making sure that your first time experience with our solution is optimal.

Upon request, we can upgrade the Express Install service you just bought to a PC Optimization Expert session in which we will carefully clean and optimize your computer and remove potentially unwanted software. Before selecting the preferred payment method (PayPal or credit card) you will get to see your current Grand Total, according to the above selection. In this example, as most of our customers currently do, a subscription payment as well as a one time payment was included in the same order.

Having a mix of payment plans in one order does not represent a problem for our checkout system. You will be billed now the full amount calculated based on your selection (license subscription + any one time payment order addons selected). Once your license renewal is due, billing will naturally be carried out only for the subscription part of your order.

Step 3: Choose payment method and continue to payment


The final step of the checkout consists of choosing your payment method and continuing with the actual payment.

Currently, we support PayPal and credit card payments processed by Stripe. Thanks to Stripe, we do not have to store or validate your credit card details, increasing the security of our payment system up to the level offered by the financial industry as a standard. In the near future, we may consider adding more alternative payment options, such as cryptocurency (Bitcoin). After agreeing to buy our product(s) and service(s) using a credit card, you will have to enter your payment details in a form that looks exactly as in the screenshot included below. Credit card number, credit card expiry date and CVC code validation are done by our financial technology provider, Stripe.

Order confirmation


The moment your credit card details have been validated, an order confirmation message will appear.

Its contents will vary depending on the contents of your order and a link to your invoice will always be included, for immediate download. Below you can see an example of the order confirmation message received for an order of jv16 PowerTools X that includes VIP Technical Support for two years and one prepaid PC Optimization Expert session.

Here is how you can purchase stand-alone service addons


If you wish to purchase stand-alone service addons (such as PC Optimization Expert or VIP Technical Support) without having to order a jv16 PowerTools license in the same checkout then you can do so using the following individual checkout pages:

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