News of jv16 PowerTools 2010

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We have been working on the upcoming PowerTools 2010 since June this year. The main design goals are to make the product robust and smart. In English this means improvements to make everything work smarter, safer and better.

Main Changes

  • Dual user interface: Simple mode and Advanced mode. This was the number one request in our latest User Questionnaire. The idea is that when the program is started for the first time, the user is asked if a simple user interface or advanced will be used. The simple interface doesn’t contain all the advanced features and is better suited for beginners. The advanced user interface shows all the features as before.
  • Home section: the Main Window now contains a new section called Home which contains the most common features of the product such as Clean and Fix my computer. The Clean and Fix feature combines the Registry Cleaner, History Cleaner and File Cleaner of PowerTools 2009. But of course, the tools are still available to be run independently. Nothing has been taken away from the advanced users, but more options are given to beginners and less experienced users.
  • New generation Registry Cleaner engine. For the very first time, the entire engine has been redesigned from scratch with one design goal: safety. Now everything is backed up with a redundancy system. This means that even if the engine would have a bug in it, the design will make sure that any single bug anywhere in the engine should not be able to cause the engine to produce a critical error such as a critical false positive detection.
  • New feature for the more advanced users: Global Ignore List. Do you have a critical software you do not want to be touched by PowerTools? Just write its name to the Global Ignore List and every single tool of PowerTools will ignore all data relating to it. Or do you have a disk partition used for backups? Making sure PowerTools doesn’t even touch it takes two clicks with PowerTools 2010.
  • Integrated Message Window system. With PowerTools 2009 you get those new Message Windows for all messages shown by the program. With PowerTools 2010 the Message Windows are not separate windows but integrated directly to the specific tool.
  • All the list components have been changed and updated. PowerTools 2009 contains 4 different list components to show the results of different tools to the user. This added unneeded complexity to the program. With PowerTools 2010 there is only one list component that has been developed just for us and for this purpose. This makes everything work faster and smarter.
  • New Installer which allows you to select which translations to install, download translated versions of the Handbook directly from the Setup, allows the user to select if an uninstallation entry should be added to Control Panel’s Programs and Features tool (Add/Remove Software in XP) and so on.
  • New quality control features (Program Debug Tool and Unit Testing Tool available within the program for everyone, not only for our developers and testers) and longer testing period makes sure that PowerTools 2010 will be the best quality PowerTools so far!


The new Installer:


The new Quick Tutorial:


(The green font on the buttons is a part of the debug system, the official releases do not have the green font)


The new integrated Message Window system:


Upgrade Policy

All customers who have ever purchased any product from us are entitled for a free update to jv16 PowerTools 2010.

For new customers the price of jv16 PowerTools 2010 will be $29.95

Release Date

jv16 PowerTools 2010 will be released on April 2010.

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