Let us introduce: jv16 PowerTools X

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This is the next level of Windows utility software.

Last month we teased you with the news of jv16 PowerTools 2015 being released soon. That was, however, not entirely correct – the truth is that there will not be jv16 PowerTools 2015. Instead, there will be something better…

We have been working around the clock for almost a year now, shrouded in secrecy and powered by our endless desire to step up our game. Now it’s time to start to show you what we have been working on.

jv16 PowerTools X

We are super excited about jv16 PowerTools X and there are so many new things to show to you. But for now, here is just the first bit of something you should find very interesting.

jv16 PowerTools X - Startup Optimizer Results

Above is a screenshot of real life, actual test results of jv16 PowerTools X’s new feature called the Startup Optimizer. The feature doesn’t remove any software or any data from your system, instead it works by integrating itself to the way Windows starts to offer you a faster and smoother Windows startup.

Just to show you what it can do, we ran a simple test: Freshly installed Windows. It took exactly 11 seconds to start from shutdown state to the point that the desktop background is visible and the mouse cursor no longer shows the loading cursor (e.g. hour glass cursor). Then, we installed 20 of the most popular software to the system. Everything was done with the default settings, nothing special, no tricks. With all these software installed to the system, the system startup time dropped to very sluggish 102 seconds. However, after running jv16 PowerTools X’s Startup Optimizer, the system starts up in 35 seconds! No software removed, all the software still starting with the system. From 102 seconds to 35 seconds!

The system startup speed test is among the tests we are going to publish side by side with the jv16 PowerTools X launch later in this year. The screenshot is just a preview. We will publish all the test setups, all the numbers and actual video recordings of the tests being performed, so you can verify everything is done correctly.

jv16 PowerTools X will be a free update to all of our Platinum VIP customers and to all customers who have bought jv16 PowerTools 2014 in August of 2014, or later. In other words, if you buy jv16 PowerTools 2014 now, you will be entitled for a free update to the PowerTools X.

If you want to ensure you can upgrade to jv16 PowerTools X after it’s released, feel free to use this Discount Coupon of 20% to grab your regular license for PowerTools 2014 or Platinum VIP license and you will be entitled for a free update for jv16 PowerTools X.

jv16 PowerTools X logo

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Optimize Windows with our free 14 Day Trial. No credit card required.

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