jv16 PowerTools Version 7 BETA Now Available

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jv16 PowerTools v7 BETA

After a lot of hard work the team at Macecraft are proud to announce the public BETA of jv16 PowerTools Version 7.

There’s been a lot of changes specifically with the way the main interface is written and a lot of long term bug fixes have been addressed.

This is a public BETA for testing / review purposes only. If you would like to try for yourself you can download it via our user forum.

Take a look over some screenshots.

Here is the Change Log of the public beta version release. The version number is

jv16 PowerTools Change Log Since b1216


  • Major improvements to the responsiveness and overall smoothness of the UI.
  • Major user interface improvements in both how the overall user interface looks like, but especially how easy it is to use.
  • Major reduction to the average time it takes to run the Initial Setup.
  • Entirely rewritten hard drive information area in the Dashboard now shows more detailed data.
  • Highly improved Settings window user interface.
  • Reduced the CPU usage of the Widget.
  • The legend popup panel will now automatically close in Widget after it has been visible for a few seconds.
  • It’s now possible to change the order of the dashboard content. And there is more freedom to choose what is displayed there.
  • The result list columns are now sized based on their content. And, if you don’t like this, you can also choose them to be equally sized. This option was added to Settings.


  1. In some rare cases, running the System Cleaner can remove a non working AutoDesk licensing service module. This happens because the module is not working correctly. However, if it is removed, AutoDesk software will stop working and need to be reinstalled. While this is technically not a bug in jv16 PowerTools – it removes a non working service module from the system as designed – the issue is now fixed by ignoring such AutoDesk related services.
  2. Running the System Cleaner with the “Do not list temporary files which could be dangerous to delete” safety setting disabled (it is enabled by default), can damage Windows 10 Start Menu’s pinned tiles feature (which is also not enabled by default).
  3. System Cleaner can get stuck to the final “Please wait” phase. This bug is relating to many factors and does not happen often, but the more results are found, the more likely this was to happen.
  4. In rare cases, the “The scan took x seconds and found a total of z registry errrors” etc text in the System Cleaner results screen can contain wrong numbers. This could happen if the ignore list feature is used, and some found items were ignored but they were still counted as found errors – which is technically correct, but would be confusing for the user.
  5. Running the System Cleaner can get stuck to five or more minutes in some systems. This bug is relating to incorrect (read: slow) processing of certain type of data, only found on some systems. It should now be fixed, and the System Cleaner is also now faster overall.
  6. After returning to the Dashboard, there can be a delay of few seconds during which time the UI is not responding.
  7. The Dashboard and the Widget could sometimes show an incorrect icon for a running app. This was purely a cosmetic issue, but it’s now fixed nevertheless.
  8. Scrolling the Dashboard area up and down can cause the running apps list to flicker. This is also entirely a cosmetic issue.
  9. Dashboard and Widget app listing could show apps with “< 1%” and “0%” CPU usage which is both superfluous and potentially confusing.
  10. If you hide hard drives from the Dashboard view, it is required to restart the app to be able to see the hard drives again.
  11. Dashboard or the default view of tools can display a horizontal scroll bar, which is not visually very pleasing to see if not absolutely needed.
  12. Task Closer’s software column contains empty items, which is not visually pleasing. All cases of no software name are now filled with ‘(n/a)’ text instead.
  13. If you click the button to start a tool while it is already scanning, this will abort the scan which makes no sense. For example, if you click System Cleaner button from the menu, while System Cleaner is already scanning.
  14. The Dashboard and the Widget app can fail to display an icon of a running app, and instead an empty space is displayed.
  15. The result list search feature could become visible before the results, making the user interface to look confusing.
  16. Running the Finder after Duplicate Finder can cause the Finder results list to incorrectly include the Duplicate ID column. This is simply a left-over from running the Duplicate Finder and entirely a cosmetic issue.
  17. It’s possible that more than one instance of the app can be started at the same time, and if that happens, the app may simply close without an error message.
  18. The program could show an error message about Access Violation when closed.


Beta version known issues:

  • In some systems, the app can either close by itself without any error message, or stop responding and then close. This is a rare issue that only affects some systems. In the systems this is happening, it happens quite often. In most systems, it never happens.
  • When the UI first starts, there can still be minor movement of the UI elements. For example, the content areas of Settings screen may not be correctly sized when it first opens, but they automatically re-adjust after a few seconds. This is a cosmetic issue, but annoying nevertheless.
  • Clicking the top right corner buttons to minimize or maximize the app window can cause the button color to incorrectly stay in the focused color.
  • The Windows 10 task bar progress for jv16 PowerTools can be different than that shown within the app itself.
  • Some of the graphics may look pixelated, such as the side image of the setup application and the scan progress indicator.
  • Check For Updates window UI does not look very nice, and can have partially missing texts.

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