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An updated version of jv16 PowerTools 2017 has been released. The latest version number is

To update right now, you should download the latest version from our website and install it from scratch or even on top of any already installed version of jv16 PowerTools 2017.

If you are still running jv16 PowerTools X, jv16 PowerTools 2014 or any earlier version, please note that these older products are no longer maintained or updated and may not be fully compatible with most recent updates of Windows. To get the best experience from our work please install jv16 PowerTools 2017 and make sure that you set it to a new directory (do not install in the same directory as jv16 PowerTools X, jv16 PowerTools 2014 or any earlier versions).

The latest version can be downloaded here: download jv16 PowerTools 2017.

To participate in the public discussion about the latest version of jv16 PowerTools 2017, please join our forum.

Change Log – What’s New

(compared to jv16 PowerTools 2017 build is a complete list of bug fixes and improvements that we did since jv16 PowerTools 2017 – Version was released on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017:

Bug Fixes

  • Fix: The Initial Setup can crash or freeze in some systems and this problem can prevent the use of the software altogether.
  • Fix: It’s not possible to use the File Finder to search files from the root of any hard disk drive, such as from C:\
  • Fix: The Registry Finder does not find any items from the registry.
  • Fix: If Find My License is used many times, it can fail without showing an error message.
  • Fix: Find My License and My Account features can show “not responding” error message while they are downloading user’s license information.
  • Fix: Fixed a typo from the English translation.


  • Improvement: The software’s user interface is now more responsive.
  • Improvement: Improved the software’s compatibility with old Corel products.
  • Improvement: The Initial Setup runs up to 40% faster.
  • Improvement: The Clean and Fix My Computer runs up to 20% faster.
  • Improvement: Running an anti-virus or anti-malware software can slow down the use of jv16 PowerTools. PowerTools now attempts to automatically detect if it is running slower than normal and if so, it will display a recommendation to add jv16 PowerTools to the exclusion list of the running anti-virus or anti-malware software.

Existing customers

Existing customers who bought the jv16 PowerTools X version in August 2016 or later are entitled to a free upgrade to jv16 PowerTools 2017.

All Platinum VIP level customers are also entitled for a free upgrade to PowerTools 2017. To upgrade, simply download the trial version and enter your full name, e-mail address during product setup or in My Account, after jv16 PowerTools 2017 has been installed.

For customers who have bought jv16 PowerTools X any time before August 2016, or have bough any previous version but are not holding a Platinum VIP license, please visit the checkout page to upgrade.

In case of any problems in buying or applying your license, please contact us.

New users:

How to install jv16 PowerTools 2017

Simply download and run the software’s installation file to install jv16 PowerTools to your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions and you will be fine!

All new users of jv16 PowerTools will receive a fully functional, 30 day trial version of the product. It contains no bundled software, no adware, no nonsense! By entering your full name and e-mail address during product setup, you will be subscribed to our periodic newsletter. That’s all we ask: to stay in touch! We honestly value your privacy and offer a trust guarantee.

Technical details

Compatible with: Any PC running any version of Windows XP or newer, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Fully supports 64 bit systems.

Ships with translations:

To use the software with any of these translations, simply download the software and when running the installer in your computer, choose to install the translations you want to use. There are no separate installation files to be downloaded for translations.

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Trustpilot 5 Star Rating

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