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jv16 PowerTools 2017 Release Candidate 4 has been published on our forum. The beta level software can be downloaded by anyone willing to participate in the testing program.

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Anyone can dive into jv16 PowerTools 2017 Release Candidate 4 and enjoy testing its new features before it gets released as a final version.

If you buy jv16 PowerTools X now, you can start using the latest version of our product immediately. Once ready for its public release, we will deliver jv16 PowerTools 2017 as a free update to all actively licensed customers. Purchasing jv16 PowerTools X or preordering jv16 PowerTools 2017 now leads to immediate use of jv16 PowerTools X as well as a free upgrade to jv16 PowerTools 2017, once it gets released as final version.

Important: On the checkout page, you will notice that we are asking your details as the first step. This is necessary so we can offer all our already existing customers a discounted price. If you have ever bought anything from us before, enter the same full name and e-mail address, and you will receive a special price.

Change Log -What’s New (compared to jv16 PowerTools X)

1. New feature: Home screen feature in the main window shows you a summary of your computer’s health and performance, with shortcuts to the relevant tools to repair any detected issues. The home screen also allows you to see the progress of how these numbers change over time, such as after using jv16 PowerTools.
2. New tool: Startup Timer measures the time your computer takes to start up. It also measures the impact of all your automatically starting software have on the system startup to allow you to see exactly what is causing your computer to start slowly.
3. New tool: Pictures AntiSpy allows you to remove privacy threatening metadata from your picture files. The feature can be used manually or it can be set to run automatically.
4. New tool: Windows AntiSpy allows you to disable the privacy threatening features of Windows.
5. New tool: Easy Mass File Renamer offers an easier way to rename many files at the same time. The previous Mass File Renamer tool is still available for more advanced and customized mass file renaming operations.
6. New tool: Startup Details shows you the exact details of what processes were run during system startup and how much slower they are making your computer.
7. New tool: Check For Vulnerable Software scans your computer to look for installed software and leftovers of software with known vulnerabilities. Such software and leftovers can put the security of your computer at risk and allow hackers to spy on you or take full control of your computer.
8. Improvement: The System Health measurement has been completely updated to give you a more exact and detailed rating of your computer’s health. Furthermore, it is now ran as a background process, meaning you no longer have to wait for it to complete. It runs periodically on the background without using much if any system resources.
9. Improvement: Fully redesigned user interface for easier user experience and the new user interface also works better with different screen sizes.
10. Improvement: Fully rebuilt Startup Optimizer allows you to easily speed up the Windows startup without removing any software. The new Startup Optimizer supports disabling the optimization per individual software and its implementation no longer requires the use of multiple starting processes.
11. Improvement: Clean and Fix My Computer has been renamed to Clean and Speedup My Computer and the tool contains dozens of improvements to allow a safer and more optimized user experience.
12. Improvement: Major improvements in the Startup Manager. For example, it can now can show the impact that each automatically starting software has on the system’s startup speed. This impact measurement is collected in real-time by the Startup Timer while the system starts and it offers a greater detail level compared to Windows 10’s Startup Manager’s “Impact to startup” rating. The Startup Manager can now also show detailed data of the resource usage at startup time per starting software, for example, you will be able to see how much system memory each starting software used during startup.
13. Improvement: Major improvements in the Software Uninstaller for more accurate listing of installed software, as well as improved software uninstallation ability.
14. Improvement: The Initial Setup of the software now needs to be run only one time – instead of once every 15 days of the previous versions – and it also takes less time to run.
15. Plus, hundreds of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

NOTE: Not all improvements and fixes are yet included to this beta version, they are still under internal testing and will be included later.

Translators – we need your help!

This concerns everyone that has volunteered us in the past to translate products such as RegCleaner, RegSupreme Pro and the entire jv16 PowerTools family.

If you are an experienced translator already helping us or if you are just looking to get started into localizing jv16 PowerTools, please visit this forum thread for complete details.

Change Log – What’s New (compared to jv16 PowerTools 2017 Release Candidate 3)

Fix: Some windows can get stuck to the “Working, please wait” loading screen.
Fix: Clean and SpeedUp My Computer does not always list MRU items (data relating to Most Recently Used lists) under MRU category in the result list.
Fix: Reset License Information button does not always work, sometimes the software restarts and it is still using the old license.
Fix: My Account can display error “Failed to download license information” in the case user enters incorrect name or email address. It should display a more informative error message.
Fix: If you uninstall jv16 PowerTools, it could leave shortcuts behind in the Desktop or Start Menu.
Fix: The Maintenance tool can incorrectly display a label of “Generating software list” while it is working.
Fix: The Registry Information tool can have cosmetic issues (wrong text being displayed) under the 64 bit registry details tab.
Fix: With 100% registry and system health, there can be an empty “recommended actions” box with no tools in it in the Home View.
Fix: Software can show Stack Overflow error message when started.
Fix: Some texts in Startup Timer may not be displayed correctly (overlapping).
Fix: Some texts overlap in Windows AntiSpy.
Fix: While the Software Uninstaller is uninstalling software, it is possible to check and uncheck software from the list.
Fix: The software can crash if you try to use the Software Uninstaller to uninstall oneself (jv16 PowerTools 2017).

Improvement: Clean and SpeedUp My Computer now better indicates the progress of the scan to the user.
Improvement: The transitions from one loading screen to the next one are now smoother in Clean and SpeedUp My Computer.
Improvement: My Account window will from now on force a restart of the software if user resets their license information.
Improvement: If you uninstall jv16 PowerTools, the uninstaller may report that jv16pt_PreWorker1.exe is running and cannot be removed. An information dialog addressing this has been added to the uninstaller.
Improvement: Improved the accuracy of the Clean and SpeedUp My Computer scan.
Improvement: Improved the speed in which the Tutorial allows user to change the language of the software.
Improvement: Improved the user interface of My Account tool.
Improvement: Enhanced Software Uninstaller’s performance and accuracy in uninstalling software.
Improvement: If the software is run in a system that has a very small screen, the messages are displayed as normal Windows message dialogs, not as lines at the bottom of the PowerTools’ window.Change Log – What’s New (compared to jv16 PowerTools 2017 Release Candidate 2)

Fix: The software can start very slowly.
Fix: While running the Clean and SpeedUp My Computer or Software Uninstaller, the software can display an Access Violation error and never complete the scan.
Fix: The software can display an Out Of Memory error message.
Fix: Changing the software’s language is very slow.
Fix: The software can display an Access Violation error during the Initial Setup and never complete it.
Fix: Running the File Cleaner or File Finder can display a gray bar across the tool window while the tool is scanning.
Fix: The system health snapshot compare drop down menu is sometimes drawn few pixels too wide, causing it to be partially outside of the window.
Fix: Clicking the Back button while a tool is working can cause the software to show an Access Violation error message.
Fix: It’s not possible to use the Check For Vulnerable Software tool more than once per session, as the Start button is not visible after the first use.
Fix: Moving between different tools using the Back button can cause the software sometimes to display a blank white screen (from which you can escape by simply clicking the Back button again, though).
Fix: The Startup Timer does not always record new system startup times, for example, if you restart your computer five times, it can show only three or for startup times.
Fix: If you reach 100% system health, the Home Screen will still say show “Recommended Actions” text but there are no recommendations.
Fix: Running the Clean and SpeedUp My Computer does not always properly update the Home Screen’s system health bars.
Fix: The Home Screen does not always correctly display the line when Clean and SpeedUp My Computer was last run, in relation to the system startup time bars.
Fix: The Clean and SpeedUp My Computer does not always find specific types of registry errors.
Fix: If you leave the software open for a long time (e.g. over night), it will display an Out Of Memory error. This was simply one of the debug log features writing something down every few minutes, and when run for a long time, it will end up using too much memory.
Fix: The Software Uninstaller can display duplicate lines.
Fix: The software can display an Access Violation error relating to TTranslator.FlushCache.

Improvement: The software now ships with translations: English, Chinese, French, German, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish and Swedish.
Improvement: The software works now much faster and uses less memory.
Improvement: Major improvements to the way the user interface is drawn and updated to give a smoother user experience.
Improvement: Removed 95% of all the debug code that was included with the previous versions, this makes the software run faster and smoother.
Improvement: The CSMC can better detect to which software a specific registry error is relating to.
Improvement: Greatly improved CSMC’s accuracy and performance in regards of finding temporary files that can be cleaned.
Improvement: The Software Uninstaller can detect the installed software with greater accuracy.
Improvement: The software will from now on ask whether you wish to reboot your computer again, only when the software has just started, not after you retur to the Home Screen from using another tool.
Improvement: The way the Main Window and especially the Home Screen are updated is now a lot smoother.
Improvement: Enhanced the Clean And Fix My Computer’s ability to find certain types of registry errors.
Improvement: Improved the algorithm that groups different found temporary files to categories for better readability.
Improvement: The Software Uninstaller will from now on display an additional confirmation message in case user attempts to uninstall an important system software, such as Internet Explorer.
Improvement: If the software detects any anti-virus or anti-malware products, it will from now on display a stronger recommendation to add jv16 PowerTools’ core files to the exclusion list of these products.
Improvement: In the case critical files needed by jv16 PowerTools are missing, the software will from now on display a warning to the user asking the user to reinstall the software. Before, this would have lead to the software not working properly.

Change Log – What’s New (compared to jv16 PowerTools 2017 Release Candidate 1)

Fix: The software can display an Integer overflow error message.
Fix: The software can display an Access violation at address 004081F4 in module ‘jv16PT.exe’. Read of address 410A0D68.
Fix: Few typos fixed from the Windows AntiSpy.
Fix: Running the Clean And SpeedUp My Computer can show error message Access violation at address 004081F4 in module ‘jv16PT.exe’. Read of address 0000001C.
Fix: The buttons of File Tool show incorrect tool tip texts.
Fix: The system startup time bars in the Main Window are not updated if the window is resized horizontally.
Fix: The Software Uninstaller can incorrectly detect leftover traces of software that have never been installed to the system.
Fix: The software’s main executable (jv16pt.exe) can remain in the memory after the software has been closed.
Fix: The software can display an error message about “ntdll.dll” after the Initial Setup closes.
Fix: The software can fail to restart after it says the software is going to restart.
Fix: Initial Setup window’s texts are not evenly aligned.
Fix: The Home View can display multiple jv16 PowerTools Last Used bars one after another.
Fix: Scrolling with the mouse wheel does not work in the Settings window.
Fix: The software can sometimes incorrectly show error message “It seems that some software is blocking jv16 PowerTools from adding an automatically starting software. ” – Notice: this error message can still be shown, if it is shown, it’s a real issue and should be fixed.
Fix: The File Cleaner can report it has completed the analysis of the same directories more than once.
Fix: You cannot clear the list of addresses ignored by the Immunize My Computer (if you clear them, the default list is back the next time you use the tool).
Fix: The Home View doesn’t always fully show the About jv16 PowerTools section.
Fix: User interface of Clean And SpeedUp My Computer may have cosmetic issues when used in the Classic User Interface mode (disabled by default).
Fix: Running the Clean and SpeedUp My Computer with the Check for vulnerable software option does not always update the Main Window.

Improvement: Renamed PreWorker1.exe and PreWorker2.exe to jv16pt_PreWorker1.exe and jv16pt_PreWorker2.exe to make it clear these files are relating to jv16 PowerTools.
Improvement: Added the button for Easy Mass File Renamer to the File Tool’s button bar.
Improvement: Added a notice about the Classic User Interface not being recommended to the Settings window.
Improvement: Added a notice about some of the list option features being deprecated.
Improvement: When jv16 PowerTools asks you to restart your computer in order to track its startup times, it will now automatically start after the computer has been restarted.

Privacy notice:

If you send any debug data to us, the data contains generic information about your computer (such as processor speed, amount of ram, etc) and if you have used the software to clean your computer or remove something from your computer, this data can also be included.

This version is only meant for testing. Therefore, it will automatically attempt to send via email a crash report to us in case the software crashes. These crash reports are very important for us because they help us to pinpoint the location within the software’s source code where something went wrong.

The official (final) version of the software does not send any such reports to us automatically.

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