jv16 PowerTools 2016 – New User Interface (Third Peek)

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In this peek preview of jv16 PowerTools 2016 you get to see the all new and beautiful Home screen, Main Tools grouped for an easier access and a glimpse at the new Startup Timer tool.

Usually when companies discuss new features, that means bloat – software getting bigger and slower by every new version. That’s not us! While adding new features, we always keep a very close eye on the bloatware factor.

Right now, the estimated installation size of the new version is actually smaller than that of the previous version (compared to PowerTools X):

  • In the upcoming PowerTools 2016, the size of the main executable is 4347 KB and the size of the background processing module called PreWorker.exe has a file size of: 309 KB.
  • In the current PowerTools X, the main executable size is 4506 KB and the background processing modules PreStartupWorker.exe and Startup Optimizer.exe have sizes of 295 KB and 303 KB, respectively.

Home is Where Your Computer’s Health Matters Most

After listening to our users and their needs, we completely redesigned the Home screen in jv16 PowerTools 2016 for improved usability. The main goal in doing so is to offer the user a complete system summary to see the status of the computer and offer quick access to the relevant tools required to improve on any areas that require attention.

Above is a screenshot of the new Home screen. The Computer Health, Latest Startup Times and Registry Integrity show you the most critical information about your system’s status. The tool shortcuts on the right hand side are customized for your computer, meaning only the tools relevant to you are shown in this screen.

jv16 PowerTools 2016 Main Tools

The Main Tools contain the most popular tools in the jv16 PowerTools utility suite.

We have yet to talk in detail about the new Windows AntiSpy feature that will be included to PowerTools 2016. However, as a hint for all Windows 10 users: “There is hope!” – not only that, the Windows AntiSpy will be available for not only to Windows 10 users but also to users of older Windows. All the features included in jv16 PowerTools 2016 get tested on every version of Windows from Windows XP up to the latest build of Windows 10.

In fact, all the screenshots in this preview are from our Windows XP test environments. We actually make sure that no matter how old the hardware you have, you can still use jv16 PowerTools to clean your PC.

jv16 PowerTools 2016 New Tool: Startup Timer

Startup Timer is the third new tool introduced to jv16 PowerTools 2016. We had actually developed it for our internal use while product testing and decided to turn it into a public feature.

The Startup Timer allows you to see exactly how long it takes for your system to fully start. Not only that, it will provide in-depth information on what slows down the system and what you can do about it.

The summary screen of the Startup Timer shows the very latest startup time of your system and the overall, average startup times in seconds. The summary offers a quick insight into startup speed while the full log is accessible in the “Startups” tab.

If you have the Startup Optimizer enabled, the summary screen will actually show you a comparison between the startup times without the Startup Optimizer enabled and with it enabled. You will be able to see with exactly how many seconds the Startup Optimizer is able to improve your system’s performance!

The Startup Timer keeps a record of all the recorded startups and they are sortable by Startup time and Rating. You can compare Startup Optimizer powered startups (with Startup Optimizer enabled) with un-optimized startups. Of course, if you wish to clear this data, you can do so (available under the Options tab).

If enabled, a small piece of Startup Timer’s code will start with every system startup to record information about the startup process. This will have only a minimal impact on your system startup. Typically the impact on your system startup is less than a second. The data is only saved locally and you can clear the data with this tool at any time.

jv16 PowerTools X Licensing

In the past, many of you had problems upgrading or updating your PowerTools license.

Once development is ready, we will deliver the 2016 upgrades to every paid copy of PowerTools X. Everybody has once fallen in love with PowerTools 2014. Unfortunately, holding on to older versions is not recommended as the product has improved a lot since then.

Still using an older version and not yet experienced PowerTools X? My License web panel allows you to see all your previous orders and download your product license key. It also tells you if you can update to PowerTools X.

jv16 PowerTools 2016 for Nonprofit Organizations

This Christmas we hope to give a few Nonprofit organizations a jv16 PowerTools X license valued at $432.7 each. Licenses will work on 10 computers. The included Platinum VIP status grants updates and support for life.

Are you leading a Nonprofit or know one that could use a hand to make Windows fast? Submit a request with a short  story describing your Nonprofit. If you can show some empathy, we will feature it on our blog, plus grant your Nonprofit a lifetime license. Let others know by Twitter. Click to Tweet Tweet: This #Christmas we hope to give a few #Nonprofit organizations a license valued at $432.7 each! Submit a request at https://ctt.ec/qbOpa+and help our give-away reach those that need it!

jv16 PowerTools 2016 for Personal and Commercial Use

jv16 PowerTools 2016 is an upcoming version of the jv16 PowerTools Windows utility suite. According to our current schedule, the first public beta version has been delayed with the official, final version due to be released later in January next year.

Why should I buy now instead of waiting?

If you Buy Now then you get jv16 PowerTools 2016 and all related updates for free, once available.

Am I eligible for a free update to jv16 PowerTools 2016?

If you are our Plainum VIP customer then you can update to PowerTools 2016 for free once released. Same rule applies if you have bought jv16 PowerTools X in the August of 2015 or later.

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