jv16 PowerTools 2011 released

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New Release Raises the Bar for Windows Optimization and Performance Products

Pori, Finland, February 18, 2011 – The latest release of a cutting-edge Windows utility suite developed by the engineers and researchers at Macecraft Software was announced today. Known as jv16 Power Tools 2011, the new software both advances and refines the popular 2010 version.

This extraordinarily versatile program includes utilities for encryption, privacy management, system optimization, file and directory management and data security. Additionally, jv16 Power Tools 2011 has significantly improved the performance standards of both its registry cleaner and software uninstaller, and has added many features not found in prior versions.

“We have made a number of highly useful additions to the software,” said Faisal Habib, spokesman for Macecraft USA. “We truly believe that our latest version is the best optimization and tune-up utility suite on the market today.”

Existing customers can take advantage of a special offer to purchase the new jv16 Power Tools 2011 for the discounted price of $5.95, no matter which prior version they’re using. “The regular price will be $29.95 for first-time buyers,” according to Mr. Habib, “which is still a tremendous value for a product of this quality.”

According to Mr. Habib, users of jv16 Power Tools 2011 will experience an improvement in the overall stability of their computers, which keeps computers running faster, smoother and error-free. More details on the features of the new release can be found at httpss://www.jv16powertools/jv16powertools2011/

“Our engineers have completely re-written the Software Uninstaller,” he said. “Its ability to both find and properly remove unwanted programs has been greatly improved, and our new User Action History allows you to see exactly what the program has removed in the past.” Additionally, the new version has fine-tuned the Registry Cleaner engine to provide for additional safety and accuracy, and provides detailed information on the specific nature of registry errors.

Other improvements were made to the Clean and Fix My Computer feature, which now also scans for broken shortcuts and unneeded empty folders in the Start Menu and Desktop. The Remove on Reboot feature allows you to delete protected or locked files during the next system startup.

“The Startup Manager is now fully compatible with msconfig,” Habib added. “This is very helpful because it means that users can now enable items previously disabled with msconfig – and vice versa.”

The new Tag System allows users to tag individual lines, a feature that was not offered on earlier versions.



Click here to download jv16 PowerTools 2011



jv16 PowerTools 2011 comes with the following translations:

  • usa_small English
  • china_small Chinese (Simplified)
  • china_small Chinese (Traditional)
  • czechrepublic_small Czech
  • denmark_small Danish
  • netherlands_small Dutch
  • finland_small Finnish
  • poland_small Polish
  • russia_small Russian
  • sweden_small Swedish

More translations are coming soon.


Update information

If you have purchased jv16 PowerTools 2010 in December 2010 or later, you can update to PowerTools 2011 without any upgrade fee, your existing license will work with the new version. If you have purchased jv16 PowerTools or any other earlier version or product from us, you can upgrade to PowerTools 2011 with a minimal upgrade fee of $5.95. Click here to upgrade. Users who have bought a Platinum VIP package are always entitled for a free update, your existing license file will work with the new version.

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