File Recovery 'Freeze' on Undelete Second file

Discussion of jv16 PowerTools 2010. Note: this product version is no longer supported, feel free to use this product if you want but please remember that if you encounter any problem with it you should update to the latest version.
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File Recovery 'Freeze' on Undelete Second file

Post by Leonardo »

Using XP-Pro-SP3 with jv16PT-2010-version 964:

File Tools -> File Recovery, only works correctly for the 'undelete' of the FIRST selected file.
Selecting a SECOND file + 'Undelete' (in same File Recovery session) ends in a 'freeze' that can be 'Aborted+Closed'.

Windows Task Manager shows 0% processor time usage during the 'freeze'.
Problem is repeatable. A restart of jv16PT-2010-version 964 resets File Recovery.

Attached is the debug Log.html + Screenshot of the 'freeze'. The Bugreport.txt was empty/not created.

The attached Debug info is also send to BugTracker today 11-08-2010.
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Re: File Recovery 'Freeze' on Undelete Second file

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