Archive of old jv16 PowerTools versions

Discussion relating to the current version of jv16 PowerTools.
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Archive of old jv16 PowerTools versions

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If you wish to download old versions of jv16 PowerTools, you can find our official archive old versions here:

We do not recommend anyone using any old version of the product, because it may not be compatible with newer versions of Windows or with newer versions of third party software. The archive of old jv16 PowerTools versions is provided for historical and research purposes.

Older product versions may have an automatically triggering "check for updates" or automatic updates feature. If you wish to install any of these old versions for testing purposes, I would recommend doing that inside a virtual environment such as Oracle VirtualBox with the internet connectivity disabled.

If you are unable to use the currently latest official version of jv16 PowerTools because of it not working correctly in your computer, please inform us about the issue so we can fix that, and proceed to use the previous official version which you can always download from the old versions archive.