How to report bugs and/or send the Debug Zip file?

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How to report bugs and/or send the Debug Zip file?

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If you are experiencing any problems with jv16 PowerTools, or you are seeing something not working, please follow these steps to report a bug:

Follow these steps:
1) Open jv16 PowerTools
2) Click to open the jv16 PowerTools menu on the top left corner OR the File menu and choose Save As.

This feature will create a ZIP file of the contents of jv16 PowerTools's Debug folder (by default it is at C:\Program Files (x86)\jv16 PowerTools\Debug\). The ZIP file is created to your Windows Desktop.

Please send the file directly to me via Forum Private Message, OR upload it to and send the download link to me, OR send the WeTransfer download link to our support via [email protected]

Alternative Method:
If the above Save As method fails, you can also manually create a ZIP file of the C:\Program Files (x86)\jv16 PowerTools\Debug\ folder and send the ZIP file to us.

Privacy Warning: The Debug folder and the generated ZIP file contains information about your system, such as the version of your Windows, running software, the list of installed software and other similar information. This is done in order to give us an understanding what is installed in your computer in order to try to reproduce the problem you are reporting. If you have licensed your copy of PowerTools, the debug data also contains your name and email address. We will treat all received debug data as confidential. By sending over the debug data you accept this privacy policy.