OS version support, hive-mount cleaning, suggestions

Discussion relating to the current version of jv16 PowerTools.
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OS version support, hive-mount cleaning, suggestions

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I recall Win10 1607-14393 was the last fully supported version. Is that still the case or does this software also support Win10 Spring 1803 update?

I noticed that depending on Win10 build, jv16 may or may not clean and\or defrag manually-mounted hives, such as DRIVERS and COMPONENTS. Why is that?

Is UI overhaul in progress? Responsiveness still sucks and it's not some fancy UI. I mean some programs have UI with 3D rendering and are more responsive than jv16. Time to start UI from scratch.

Is there a plan for a cheaper version or permanent license for those who need only the 2 main functions: 1) Registry clean and 2) Registry defrag?

Also, it appears that jv16 requires presence of System Recovery component to be present for it to launch, even if completely disabled. Some of us remove that package\component entirely with DISM commands before OS install, which, in turn, prevents jv16 from launching due to certain DLL files missing from the OS. Can you disable that requirement? It makes no sense to allow use of iv16 with System Recovery fully disabled, yet not allow if System Recovery is not present...
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