File finder question

Discussion of jv16 PowerTools 2008. Note: this product version is no longer supported, feel free to use this product if you want but please remember that if you encounter any problem with it you should update to the latest version.
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File finder question

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Hi, I have just suffered from a Vista Recovery and lost a lot of files and folders. The program states several times, "this procedure does not change your documents" however I did lose all of my desktop, quicklaunch, and folders containing photos. Can jv2008 be used somehow to restore these without doing another recover? I know the filenames from before but i was just wondering if there's something like a "$" in the new or moved filename. Frustrating. :x

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Re: File finder question

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You could try the PowerTools "File Recovery" tool. Some of your missing stuff might be recoverable if the Vista recovery didn't change too much in the disk master area (NTFS, whatever...).
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