Discussion of jv16 PowerTools 2008. Note: this product version is no longer supported, feel free to use this product if you want but please remember that if you encounter any problem with it you should update to the latest version.
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Is there any way using jv16 can help me get rid of "Exploit:Java/Byteverify.F" ???
And how do I do it.

Please and thank you.
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Re: Exploit:Java/Byteverify.F

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I'd recommend you to use an anti-virus product instead. For a free antivirus, please see for example http://www.clamwin.com/
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Re: Exploit:Java/Byteverify.F

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Yes, there are many ways to clean these parasites out.

1) Get and use an antivirus product from among the top 4 or 5. Some are free or can be used free while trialling them, suggest Antivir, Nod32, or Bitsefender. You can also log on to KAV or McAfee etc and use their web based scanners free without loading the AV on to your PC

2) Get and use an Antispyware product, I use SAS which can be free or paid for real time protection.

The line between AV's and ASW products is blurring more each day these are all parasites.

Good luck