Why we believe jv16 PowerTools is:

The Best PC Cleaner for Windows

There are many Windows registry cleaners and other products claiming to clean and fix your Windows based PC. It’s a bold claim to say we believe ours is the best Windows System Cleaner.

Here are the facts and you can decide for yourself whether jv16 PowerTools really is the best.

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Why is jv16 PowerTools System Cleaner the best?

The System Cleaner looks for many types of issues:

  • Registry and file system errors,
  • Unneeded registry keys,
  • Left-over software data,
  • Unneeded temporary files,
  • Browser website visit history,
  • Browser cookies, and
  • Browser cache data.

Not only can jv16 PowerTools detect many common Windows related errors, such as registry errors, invalid file references and broken shortcuts, jv16 PowerTools can also automatically fix these errors for you. And by fixing errors, we don’t mean simply deleting a broken shortcut or deleting a registry entry containing a broken file reference. We mean actually fixing these errors.

All these powerful features come in a simple, user-friendly interface, where you can review everything before any changes are made to your computer. 

The cleaning of browser data supports currently Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers. You can choose what browser data to clean on domain by domain basis and jv16 PowerTools will automatically keep cookie data from websites that have been bookmarked. This means you can clean unneeded browser data but without having to login to every website again the next time you visit them.

Of course, these are only some of the key features. But is jv16 PowerTools really the best performing system cleaner? We believe so. And here is the data to support that claim.

jv16 PowerTools’ System Cleaner outperformed other PC cleaners

It’s easy to make bold claims without evidence. That’s why we conducted a benchmark test to give further proof on why we believe that jv16 PowerTools is the best Windows PC Cleaner. 

In a benchmark test that we conducted in 2020, our System Cleaner cleaned more leftovers than three popular PC cleaners. Here are the summary of the results:

  • Advanced SystemCare – 47 left-overs cleaned
  • Avast Cleanup Premium – 22 left-overs cleaned
  • CCleaner (clean only) – 14 left-overs cleaned
  • CCleaner (uninstall + clean) – 92 left-overs cleaned
  • jv16 PowerTools (clean only) – 179 left-overs cleaned
  • jv16 PowerTools (uninstall + clean) – 601 left-overs cleaned

You can read more details on the benchmark test performed from this page. The page also contains instructions to perform the benchmark test on your own, which we strongly advise you to do if you want to make a rational decision which product to trust.

jv16 PowerTools is also packed with many other features

It’s important to highlight that jv16 PowerTools is a Windows utility suite with many powerful yet easy to use features.

The System Cleaner is only one of its 13 main features. Have a look at our Features page to see all the features the program has.

Hear what people say about jv16 PowerTools’ System Cleaner

Hear what our happy customers say about Software Uninstaller. The testimonials are taken directly from our TrustPilot reviews.

“I have used jv16 PowerTools for many years. When working on various problems, sometimes correcting a registry error fixed the whole problem. It is not a total answer for all things, but it has helped me tremendously over all…”

– Patrick, USA

“I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to “fix all” software. I have worked with computers for 47 years. Not since “Q-DOS” Have I found such an incredible product. First a brand-new laptop less than 24 hours old with issues. After jv16, it ran like a new computer should…”

– Richard, USA

“I have been using jv16 for 12 years. I have experienced problems with one very well known cleaner being a little over zealous. jv16 does its job reliably and quietly and I like the way that registry keys and filepaths are organised before you make the final decision.”

– Peter, UK

We have been doing this for over 20 years and believe in producing the highest possible quality for our customers.

We are not making this product for ourselves, we make this product for you and we are still driven to improve our product every single day!

Try jv16 PowerTools and see is it the best for you

Seeing is believing. That’s why we strongly recommend you to try jv16 PowerTools to see it for yourself. We want to show exactly what the program can do for you to make your Windows PC run smoother.

Download jv16 PowerTools now. It comes with zero bundled software and zero adware. It’s free to try for 14 days.

Yes, jv16 PowerTools is a commercial software.

It costs $19 USD per year on subscription, or $49 USD as a one time payment that gives you a perpetual license to use it forever. That is how we pay our bills and keep improving the product.

You can try it for free for 14 days and if you buy it, we offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

We value our results and your privacy.

If you are using a free system cleaning program, you are the product.

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